Isaiah Thomas really becoming a solid G
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Is Isaiah Thomas Really That G?

On Wednesday night, Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics defeated the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers 103-99 in a scintillating contest that had the hallmarks of a potential playoff matchup. While the Boston PG didn’t match his usual fourth-quarter output (a league-leading 10.3 points), he was quick to defend himself after the game, according to ESPN’s Chris […]

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NBA Trade Rumors: How the Boston Celtics can take the East with two moves

The Boston Celtics are expected to be major players during the NBA Trade Deadline according to NBA Trade Rumors. But, with the team trailing only the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, smart and gutsy decisions must be made. While the Celtics are sporting a 30-18 mark there are a few adjustments they could make […]

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NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson to Boston

According to some NBA insiders,there are rumblings of a possible NBA Rumor (trade) that could be in the works in the next several weeks between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. As first mentioned by Brian Scalabrine on Frank Isola’s SiriusXM radio show that the Warriors may be trading Klay Thompson and he […]

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Boston Celtics: Time to go and earn their respect

The Boston Celtics have their plan in place. Now it’s time to execute. For the last two seasons the Celtics have improved on wins but during the playoffs, they have not managed to make it out of the first round, but that is expected to change in 2017. The 2016 Free Agency period was what they […]

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Boston Celtics: J.R. Smith and Celtics are not a good fit

Per reports, the Boston Celtics are interested in signing J.R. Smith but to do so they must clear salary cap space. Not a good move for either party. Here’s why. The Celtics are on the verge of something great and adding Smith will force their hand. To make space that means a player that you […]

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Boston Celtics: 3 questions entering training camp

The NBA season will be underway in less than a month with Training Camp starting at the end of September. The Boston Celtics have made improvements and will be looking to escape that first round they’ve been stuck in for the last two seasons. There are many questions that will surround the Celtics all season […]

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NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics need to offer Bradley, not Smart for 76ers’ Nerlens Noel?

The NBA Trade Rumors are circling the City of Brotherly Love once again, but this time, it’s in connection with the hated Boston Celtics. The Celtics are still trying to figure out a way to land Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers. During the offseason, it was well documented that Boston wanted one of the two […]