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Cleveland Cavaliers: Addition of Kyle Korver will send Cavs to third straight NBA Finals

If the NBA has taught us anything over the years it’s that, it’s the small under the radar deals that makes the difference. When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded for Kevin Love it was almost a sure thing they would make it to the NBA Finals that year. Well, they did but Love was not available. […]

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are good, but not repeat good

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reaching for their own place in history. The defending champs are looking to make it three straight trips to the NBA Finals in 2017 but it won’t be as easy as some may think. LeBron James may be the best player in the league but even his presence alone does not […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers: Cavs Ready To Defend Their Crown

Atop the East with a franchise-best 9-1 start and seemingly little media attention, the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers are proverbially flying under the radar. Thanks to the Los Angeles Clippers also starting off at a franchise-best mark of 10-1 and the Bay Area-based “superteam” also known as the Golden State Warriors seemingly being the […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving is more than a sidekick

The Cleveland Cavaliers have arguably the best player in the NBA but Kyrie Irving is out to prove that he wants to be mentioned in the same conversation. Since his arrival in the NBA in 2012 Irving has had to deal with his fair share of losing as the Cavs looked to move on from […]

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Cleveland Indians: From Cursed to Charmed, Cleveland The New Center Of The Sports World

The Mistake By The Lake. The City With the Burning River. I have heard these jokes about my hometown ever since I was a kid. And yet, Cleveland is—and forever will be—my home. Growing up in the tough East Side inner-city neighborhood of Hough Heights (Hough to the natives), the 1980’s thru the early 90’s […]

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LeBron James: Will the Cleveland Cavaliers star make it 7 straight NBA Finals?

The Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves dead smack in the middle of history. Not by what they were able to carry out by winning their first ever NBA title, but LeBron James has them onboard for a ride. Last season James made it to his sixth straight NBA Finals, two with the Cavaliers and the first four […]

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NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors’ Andre Iguodala for Cavs’ Shumpert might just work

The NBA Trade Rumors are in full swing and we haven’t hit Training Camp yet. There are whispers that the Warriors and Cavs may be in negotiations for a player swap that will include Andre Iguodala for the Cavs, Iman Shumpert. I’ve seen some trades in my time go down but this one has to […]