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Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas Swap and ‘18 Nets Pick, A Win-Win For Cavs

In what has been rumored ever since Kyrie Irving announced his wish to be traded, the Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers traded the former Duke point guard to the rival Boston Celtics. Irving, who averaged a career high in points (25.8) and assists (5.8) while shooting 40 percent from the field, joins a Boston squad […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers: Why Kyrie Irving to Detroit Pistons for Andre Drummond makes sense

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have stumbled upon the best trade option for them, Kyrie Irving, the Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond and others. Since Irving wants out so badly to prove to the world, himself and LeBron James that he can run a team, then the Cavaliers should grant him his wish and ship him off to Detroit. But […]

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Would Benefit Greatly From A Kyrie Irving / Devin Booker Swap

If the Cleveland Cavaliers were to get Devin Booker in deal for Kyrie Irving, consider that a huge win for LeBron and company. Many probably read that statement and said, “this guys crazy.” And while I can understand that argument, Booker might be a more attractive piece for Cleveland than someone like Eric Bledsoe. Just […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers: If Kyrie Irving leaves, will LeBron James get to play with the real Kevin Love?

There is one good thing that can come of this whole mess between Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James– the rebirth of Kevin Love. For those that don’t know or have forgotten, there was a time when Love was considered the best power forward in the NBA. During his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers: Why the hell hasn’t Kyrie Irving taken a stance yet?

With all the drama, trade rumors, and whispers surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James, one thing has gone unnoticed. Where the hell is Irving? I mean, this is his mess that we’re covering and debating over but he’s nowhere to be found. If this was LeBron, he will be ridiculed from the moon and […]

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Timberwolves Fans Should Embrace Kyrie Irving Trade Talk, Not Discourage it

The NBA offseason has been like a reality TV show. Every week you tune in and something new and dramatic happens. First, there was the Kristaps Porzingis trade rumors saga that led up to the draft, which eventually resulted in Phil Jackson resigning from his position with the Knicks. Next, on draft night Jimmy Butler […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers: Why Kyrie Irving leaving will actually help the team plus keep LeBron James there

It may sound strange but Kyrie Irving leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers may be the best decision for all parties involved. As good as Irving is– the name on the front of the jersey is what’s most important. Dan Gilbert has been through this before regarding LeBron James when he left for Miami but this time […]