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NBA Playoffs Round 1: The Los Angeles Clippers Redeem Themselves in Game 2 Against the Utah Jazz

Los Angeles Clippers Revitalize Their Playoff Hopes, Beat Utah Jazz 99-91 Blake Griffin led the Los Angeles Clippers with a vintage performance, scoring 24 points, along with DeAndre Jordan’s double-double in their victory over the Utah Jazz Tuesday night, evening the series at 1-1. Jordan ended the game with 18 points and 15 rebounds, in […]

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Los Angeles Clippers NBA Sports Utah Jazz

NBA Playoffs Round 1: Utah Jazz Slither by Los Angeles Clippers in Nail-Biter Victory

Utah Jazz Tops Los Angeles Clippers Without Rudy Gobert 97-95 11 seconds into the game was all it took for defensive star Rudy Gobert to fall to his knees with an apparent leg injury. He was unable to get up without the aid of his teammates and was carried off to the locker room. Gobert […]

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Hiring writers to cover the Los Angeles Clippers

How passionate are you about the Los Angeles Clippers? Are you reading articles or listening as some commentator rips your team’s performance? The Clippers are still fighting for that respect as they have faltered their last trips in the playoffs. This may be their last year together if they cannot win a championship in 2017. But, with […]

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Los Angeles Clippers: Does The Curse Still Exist For the Clips?

The Los Angeles Clippers have been one of the most successful NBA teams the last 3 years but that’s on a regular season scale. The playoffs have been a different story altogether. The Clippers, since Doc Rivers arrival have won 56, 57 and 53 games but never made it past the Western Conference Semifinals, what […]

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Los Angeles Clippers: How Does Doc Rivers Still Have A Job?

What have you done for me lately? It’s time for Los Angeles Clippers GM Dave Wohl to pull Doc Rivers to the side and ask him that question. Rivers has had his chances to succeed but has failed miserably since arriving in Los Angeles. He has won 181 (including playoffs) games in his three seasons […]

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Clippers Should Be Kevin Durant’s Top Choice

Reports are surfacing that Kevin Durant was “blown away” by the Los Angeles Clippers Free Agent presentation. This was not the Lakers trying to woo LaMarcus Aldridge last year with sunshine and billboards, this is a Clippers team that has pieces, locked, loaded and ready to go. Let’s play the role of Durant for a […]

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Worthy or Unworthy: Who makes the Cut?

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, LeBron James, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Blake Griffin etc… These are just a few of the names of professional athletes who had a lot of hype surrounding them before entering their respective leagues. Even can get into hockey with […]