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New Orleans Pelicans: Rajon Rondo just made team top threat to Golden State Warriors

The New Orleans Pelicans just landed one of the top-prized free agents who flew under the radar this offseason. When it was announced that the Chicago Bulls were releasing Rajon Rondo– the news was met with utter silence. It wasn’t a surprise as some have labeled Rondo as washed up with thoughts going back to the issues with […]

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New Orleans Pelicans: Could they be in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes?

The New Orleans Pelicans could be in a position to have their very own Big Easy-Big 3 if Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony can come to some sort of agreement. Jackson wants Anthony gone and the Knicks will continue to listen to offers for the All-Star player. However, Anthony loves the New York Knicks and […]

New Orleans Pelicans playoff push
New Orleans Pelicans make a push for the 8th seed in the Western Conference.
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NBA: Do not count out the New Orleans Pelicans just yet

The race for eighth is in full swing. If the NBA playoffs started today, the Denver Nuggets would be in the postseason while the 9-15 seeds watched from their televisions. That might not be the case for long. The Portland Trailblazers are one game back of Denver and the Mavericks are two games behind. Most will […]

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DeMarcus Cousins: Trade Forms Deadly Kentucky Connection With Anthony Davis

Somewhere in Lexington, John Calipari is smiling. And for good reason, is it is time to boogie down in the Big Easy. Not even 10 minutes after the highest-scoring All-Star Game in history had finished that one of its own participants in DeMarcus Cousins gets to extend his stay in the Big Easy. While new […]

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New Orleans Pelicans: Health is their toughest opponent

You may not see it now, or want to believe it but the New Orleans Pelicans are in big trouble. It’s not just their record, it’s everything that their record could destroy. When a team achieves success, it becomes expected on a yearly basis. But the Pelicans have gone the opposite route since their playoff […]

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Hiring writers to cover the New Orleans Pelicans

How passionate are you about the New Orleans Pelicans? Are you reading articles or listening as some commentator rips your team’s performance? The Pelicans are still blessed with the services of Anthony Davis. If Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday can ever get healthy, a playoff berth may not be far off. How do you feel […]

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Anthony Davis Must Not Follow Kevin Garnett’s Career Path

You may not see it now, or want to believe it but Anthony Davis is the new Kevin Garnett. By the time Davis is done he will have destroyed Garnett’s numbers but this is where their careers will be similar– loyalty. As good as Garnett was in his heyday his Minnesota Timberwolves teams always seemed […]