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Proposing a Three-Team Deal to Send Carmelo Anthony from New York Knicks

Memo to Phil Jackson: It’s time to blow up the New York Knicks. Now. This was supposed to be the year where the Knicks turned it all around, and for a time, they had. A 14-10 record had them as the number three seed in the Eastern Conference and looking like the Knicks were in […]

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New York Knicks: Why is Carmelo Anthony holding team hostage?

When you reach a certain level in your career you should be allowed to pick and choose. You’ve put in the time and the achievements and are giving the big contacts but more importantly, you have the no-trade clause. When Carmelo Anthony was given one by the New York Knicks it was seen as protection […]

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The real reason why the New York Knicks are imploding

The New York Knicks better be careful. We’re a month away from the Trade Deadline and Phil Jackson may be itching to pull the trigger on a few players, old and new. Per reports Monday, Derrick Rose went missing from the team, which caused him to miss the game against the New Orleans Pelicans which resulted […]

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New York Knicks Should Strongly Consider Trading Carmelo Anthony

When you ask the common fan of the New York Knicks if the team should consider dealing Carmelo Anthony, it’s usually met with hostility because they don’t want their franchise player dealt. And for the most case, you can understand it; just like when they saw Patrick Ewing traded some 16 years earlier and the […]

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New York Knicks: Time to bench Joakim Noah for Kyle O’Quinn

The New York Knicks, mostly Phil Jackson made a mistake this offseason. Derrick Rose can still bring the thunder, well, when healthy but his other big offseason signing has struggled. Joakim Noah has not been worth the ink that he signed his $18M a year contract with. What are the Knicks to do? Bench him. [embedit […]

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New York Knicks: Why Kristaps Porzingis will be better than Dirk Nowitzki

The New York Knicks have their franchise player waiting in the wings. Carmelo Anthony is the king of the Garden but it won’t be too long before the torch is passed to Kristaps Porzingis. Fans are already giving him the keys to the city but he’s done nothing remotely out of this world yet to earn […]

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New York Knicks Rumors: A Nerlens Noel trade makes sense

The New York Knicks are a player away from making the Cleveland Cavaliers shake in their boots. During the offseason, Phil Jackson put together what he essentially thought would be an Eastern Conference contender. But, much like with any team that features three or more new players in the starting lineup, it has taken the Knicks […]