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Oklahoma City Thunder: Trade With Bulls Will Help For Playoff Run

The NBA Trade Deadline has now come and gone. Thursday saw its fair share of deals, but as a fan of Creighton basketball on the college level, there is one deal that stood out the most. That was a deal struck between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls. Heading to the Thunder will be […]

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Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook is not the villain here

When and how did Russell Westbrook become the bad guy? My colleague recently did an article basically stating that the reason the Oklahoma City Thunder are struggling is due to no one wanting to play with Westbrook. The article cited James Harden, Serge Ibaka and the departure of Kevin Durant as proof that Westbrook is running teammates out-of-town […]

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Russell Westbrook chasing away talent not titles

With the NBA season watching it half-way point it is time to take a look at the teams that are contenders or pretenders. One of those teams is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Are they a contender or a pretender? Only they know. However, there is a possible issue with them being either one. That problem […]

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Russell Westbrook: Why he’s the one player EVERY team needs

The love fest for Stephen Curry is still strong and the same can be said for LeBron James. But if you ask any of those players who they will pay to see, the answer will be a unanimous, Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is playing on a level this season that NBA players can only dream about. If you […]

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Oklahoma City Thunder: What could’ve been the greatest super team ever

It has to be hard work being a GM of any team in any sport. You are the money man, the problem solver, the negotiator, simply put, you are in control. You have your GMs that fail season after season with terrible trades, bad signings, and outrageously stupid draft picks but then you get the […]

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Russell Westbrook is a man among boys

How much longer can someone continue to point the finger at Stephen Curry or LeBron James as the best player in the NBA today? They are both great but what Russell Westbrook has done to start the 2016-17 season is hands down one of the best performances we have seen in years, maybe decades. Michael Jordan and […]

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NBA Rumors: How Kevin Durant could end up back with Thunder in 2017

In this week’s NBA Rumors, let’s talk a situation that may not be as crazy as it sounds. What if Kevin Durant were to come back to the Oklahoma City Thunder next season? It’s possible this could happen, here’s how. Durant is basically on a one year rental with the Golden State Warriors. At the […]