Jeremy Maclin and Eric Decker
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Baltimore Ravens sign Jeremy Maclin to a 2-year deal; could there be another addition?

The waiting game is over. After a week of visits with the Bills and Ravens, Jeremy Maclin joins the Baltimore Ravens in an effort to bolster the offense by giving Joe Flacco more talented pass catchers to work with. The former Chiefs receiver was cut June 5th due to cap room but a veteran receiver […]

Justin Forsett Baltimore Ravens
Justin Forsett - Running Back
Baltimore Ravens NFL

NFL: Justin Forsett – Former Baltimore Ravens running back has called it a career

When you think of Justin Forsett, typically you will think of him as being undersized and overmatched. Unfortunately, he has a plethora of reasons to not pursue being a full-time player in the NFL. First of all, the Seattle Seahawks drafted Forsett in 2008. He was later cut Still, in 2008, he was signed and […]

Baltimore Ravens defense heavy
My opinion and analysis on the selections in Day One and Two for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2017 NFL Draft.
Baltimore Ravens NFL NFL Draft

The Baltimore Ravens go defense heavy on Day One and Two in the 2017 NFL Draft

There was a lot of speculation that the Baltimore Ravens were going to find help for Joe Flacco early in the draft. That did not happen. Whether it was the board falling to best player available or just getting a player to fill a need, this was very surprising to me. This shows the determination to […]

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AFC North Team Needs and Draft Recommendations

Today we’ll be checking on the teams in the AFC North. This division has been considered one of the best in the league over the past few years until last year. This is the time when these teams need to re-tool and fill the gaps. All the teams, including the Browns, have a chance to […]

Post Timmy Jernigan Mock Draft
Could the Raven stay in house for a solution on the defensive line or select someone in the draft?
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Baltimore Ravens: Post Timmy Jernigan Trade Mock Draft

 There were trade rumors surrounding Timmy Jernigan in late March, about weeks away from the 2017 NFL Draft. The rumors came to fruition when the Ravens traded away Timmy Jernigan and their 3rd round (#99- Compensatory) pick to the Philadephia Eagles and received their 3rd round (#74) pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Baltimore […]

Baltimore Ravens to London
The Baltimore Ravens will be the first to go by cruise ship for the international London game and will be the first time the Ravens are playing in London.
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The Baltimore Ravens will get to London by Boat for Week 3 against the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Baltimore Ravens are known for being unique and help their players in whichever way they can before gameday. [AndrewK] That is why they will be the first ever to take a ship to the London International game on September 24 according to an article from Baltimore Also, this will be the first time […]

Baltimore Ravens draft needs
Here are 9 players I think the Baltimore Ravens could consider in Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft and their Top 3 Positional Needs.
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9 Most Likely Selections for the Baltimore Ravens in Round 1 and their Top 3 Positional Needs

The Baltimore Ravens made a few free agent signings to improve their roster prior to the 2017 NFL Draft in April. Now only 26 days away, the 2017 NFL Draft will be key for Ozzie Newsome and the Baltimore Ravens. As a great draft could help the Ravens move forward to the playoffs in 2017. A […]