Should Nick Mangold sign with Jags
Nick Mangold
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Is Nick Mangold A Good Fit For The Jacksonville Jaguars?

One of the first things the Jacksonville Jaguars did in their infancy was sign center Dave Widell to stabilize the offensive line. Now, with Tom Coughlin back in town and the Jaguars looking for more offensive line balance, could the team reach out to another veteran for guidance in the transition of management and a […]

Johnathan Hankins and Jacksonville Jaguars
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Will The Jacksonville Jaguars Take A Swing At Johnathan Hankins?

Tom Coughlin should be very familiar with Johnathan Hankins. The former head coach of the New York Giants drafted the defensive tackle in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Right now, the defensive tackle is a player without a team and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Coughlin’s new team is in need of depth at […]

Jacksonville Jaguars draft DT
Malik McDowell - Michigan State
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Can The Jacksonville Jaguars Find Defensive Tackle Help In The Draft?

If the Jacksonville Jaguars were hoping addition by subtraction would benefit the defensive line this season, then this organization still has some work to do. The recent moves by the team – which include signing players in free agency as well as releasing popular veterans – has given the fan base open, but have also […]

will Jacksonville Jaguars take at TE at 4
OJ Howard TE - Alabama
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Will The Jacksonville Jaguars Make History On Draft Night?

OJ Howard will not make anyone forget Ozzie Newsome. He may not even make people forget about Rob Gronkowski. On the other hand, he could be the next Travis Kelce or Jordan Reed. The former Alabama star is moving up draft boards, with some thinking he could be a top 15-draft pick. One, in particular, […]

Jacksonville Jaguars draft
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The Jacksonville Jaguars Must Draft A Guard In April

One of the objectives for the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency was to secure the services of a top-flight guard. As it turns out, of the players the organization has brought in so far, only one is on the offense of side of the ball. While Earl Watford may provide depth at both tackle and […]

Jacksonville Jaguars drafting a QB
Nate Peterman of University of PIttsburgh
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Will The Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Their Quarterback Of The Future?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a decision to make. Will the organization take the plunge and pick up Blake Bortles’ fifth-year option? Will they draft a quarterback in April with the notion this franchise is moving on? The subject of Bortles’ future has been a hot topic of late with many local media members trying their […]

Jacksonville Jaguars draft options
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The Jacksonville Jaguars Have Plenty Of NFL Draft Options

You must figure the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be very busy from now until the first night of the NFL Draft. Teams are going to covet the team’s fourth overall pick, looking to shore up its defensive line, look at one of the top defensive backs or may want to pull a Dallas Cowboys […]