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Miami Dolphins: It’s Time To Move On From Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler was retired and ready to start his career as a broadcaster when the Miami Dolphins came calling. It took a season-ending injury for Ryan Tannehill for the Dolphins to pursue Cutler, but it didn’t take long for the former Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears’ quarterback to decide to return to the NFL. Just […]

Miami Dolphins NFL

Miami Dolphins: 3 Things to Watch against the Atlanta Falcons

Any die hard fan has the same thought come the middle of August, “Finally, football is on!”. The not so obsessed will throw out the “Who cares? These games are meaningless”. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, preseason football is finally here. For Miami Dolphins fans it has been yet another […]

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Jay Cutler: Could He Be The Answer For The Miami Dolphins?

After agreeing to a one-year $10 million contract to postpone going to the broadcast booth and back to the gridiron, could new Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler possibly be the answer? Much maligned, criticized and hated for his on-the field mistakes and off-the-field, Cutler enters into a QB situation which can best described as in […]

Miami Dolphins WR DeVante Parker
DeVante Parker - Wide Receiver, Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins NFL Preview Edition

Miami Dolphins: 2017 Breakout Candidate – WR DeVante Parker

When an NFL team has as much talent at one position, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. The Miami Dolphins have their fair share of talented wide receivers and DeVante Parker has not become the playmaker they had hoped for. When the Dolphins drafted Parker, they expected a red zone threat that […]

Miami Dolphins CB Tony Lippett
Tony Lippett - Cornerback, Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins NFL Preview Edition

Miami Dolphins: Defensive Player Spotlight – CB Tony Lippett

One of the most fun current Miami Dolphins player to cover is cornerback Tony Lippett. The former college wide receiver turned corner is smoothly making the transition from offense to defense in his NFL career. When it comes to his NFL level talent, he is not quite there yet but you can witness his growth. […]

Miami Dolphins Offensive Preview
Miami Dolphins Offense
Miami Dolphins NFL Preview Edition

Miami Dolphins: Offensive Preview – Building on Success

Even with the same offense and coaches in place, the Miami Dolphins offense should look very different in 2017. Miami spent most of the offseason filling holes on offense while also keeping key components in place. So what difference does a year make when it comes to their new game plan? Attack If there is […]

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill - Quarterback, Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins NFL Preview Edition

Miami Dolphins: Offensive Player Spotlight – Ryan Tannehill

The one topic that divides the Miami Dolphins fan base the most is “Is Ryan Tannehill the franchise quarterback the team has hoped for?” Fans and experts alike have pushed both sides of the debate and no one side has come up with a clear answer. Going into his sixth season as the quarterback for […]