New York Jets FA Targets
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New York Jets: 5 free agent targets

The New York Jets were shockingly bad in 2016 after finishing 10 and 6 in 2015. The real shock came from how poorly the Jets defense played. They finished the season ranked 28th in scoring defense along with New York having the 30th ranked scoring offense. So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone when I say […]

Brandon Marshall New York Giants
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NFL: The Jets released Brandon Marshall and are set to release more

It seems that the New York Jets are really set to have a new roster for the 2017 season. Over the last few weeks, they have released several notable players. Player such as Ryan Fitzpatrick, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, Nick Folk, and Brandon Marshall. However, it seems that they are not done cleaning house. Before […]

New York Jets moving on
Darelle Revis gets beat by DeAndre Hopkins
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New York Jets: Darrelle Revis was added to the list of Jets players released

After the New York Jets had a mediocre 2016 season where they went 5-11, it seems that the Jets are on a mission to bounce back in 2017. As free agency is not set to begin until March 9th, there are several Jets who will be looking for new homes in 2017. In the last […]

Nick Mangold and the Jets part ways
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NFL: Nick Mangold and New York Jets set to part ways after eleven years

It seems like the New York Jets are trying to do better. According to multiple sources, the Jets are set to release center Nick Mangold, an 11- year member of the New York Jets. He has been a fixture on the offensive line since he was drafted by the jets in 2006. This shouldn’t come […]

Who will land Tony Romo?
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Who Will Finally Land Tony Romo?

This offseason could become the Tony Romo sweepstakes. Despite reports by several media outlets that the Dallas Cowboys quarterback will be released and that he wants to play in Houston next season, this could be a bidding war for an aging veteran who has spent more time on the injured reserve list than on the […]

no quarterback for the New York Jets
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NFL Draft: The New York Jets should not take a Quarterback in the first round

As we are fully entrenched in the NFL off-season, all the teams are focusing their attention on the NFL Draft happening at the end of April. While there is no indication of who is going first to the Cleveland Browns, it seems that there happen to be a few players who have sparked the interest […]

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NFL Trade Rumors: The New York Jets have the players your team needs

According to reports, the New York Jets may be looking to hit the reset button. If NFL Trade Rumors are true then the Jes could be willing to talk possible deals involving players like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and Darrelle Revis. It may seem far-fetched that they would do this but giving the age of some […]