Washington Redskins free agent targets
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Washington Redskins: Top free agent targets for 2017

The Washington Redskins are a team in need of defense. They have most of the pieces for a solid offense. However, their defense is incredibly bad. Their focus in free agency should be on defense. Here are a few targets that should be on the Redskins radar. Micah Hyde – Safety The Washington Redskins are […]

Jason Pierre-Paul on the Jags radar?
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Is Jason Pierre-Paul The Jaguars Top Free Agent Target?

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars putting their eggs in one basket in hopes of landing pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul? The former New York Giants defensive end figures to be one of the most sought-after players in free agency this season. He is a disruptive force the Jaguars could seek as their main acquisition this offseason. The […]

Jacksonville Jaguars re-sign their own
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Jacksonville Jaguars Re-sign Shatley, Wells; Still Wait For Albert

While the news of a completed trade for Branden Albert has not been finalized, the Jacksonville Jaguars are still moving to improve the offensive line. The team has announced the re-signing of both Tyler Shatley and Josh Wells. The moves will provide depth on the line as both have been spot starters while in Jacksonville. […]

Atlanta Falcons free agent targets
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Atlanta Falcons: Six Possible Free Agent Targets

Just because the Atlanta Falcons marched through the NFC on their way to the Super Bowl, it does not mean there are still holes this franchise needs to fill. Losing 34-28 in overtime to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51 exposed this team – where depth and the ability to close out a […]

do the Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo?
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Where Can Jimmy Garoppolo Go?

I’m in a variety of sports groups and live in New England, a region that football isn’t a priority but the Patriots have changed that narrative a little. When Jimmy Garoppolo got drafted 51st overall in 2014, the homers (and I mean homers, honks, etc.) booed the selection. They said, “That pick could’ve been a […]

Branden Albert trade still not final
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Jaguars, Dolphins Still In Trade Negotiations For Branden Albert

What was thought to be a done deal as late as Monday morning is now in a bit of a holding pattern? The assumed trade by the Miami Dolphins of tackle Branden Albert to Jacksonville is still in the works, but a few things had to happen for the deal to be complete. According to NFL.com’s […]

Branden Albert traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars
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Branden Albert to Jacksonville but not for Julius Thomas

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Miami Dolphins have agreed to trade Branden Albert to the Jaguars for a 2018 late round draft pick.  It is pending on Branden Albert showing up in Jacksonville and signing an extension for his contract.  He is currently in Jacksonville and is working on signing the extension. Now the […]