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San Francisco 49ers’ 2017 Schedule Breakdown

The NFL released the schedule on Thursday, and with it, the season finally takes shape. The San Francisco 49ers pick second in next week’s draft, so it’s no surprise that they are setup to be one of the worst teams in the league. The vast majority of the schedule will end in losses, but that […]

NFC West Team Needs
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NFC West Team Needs and Draft Recommendations

Today, we finally get to complete our look at all the Team Needs for the NFC as we now examine the NFC West. Looking at this division will make you realize that all 4 teams have some gaps to fill, but it will be obvious that 1 team has a lot more than the rest. As […]

San Francisco 49ers mock draft
T.J. Watt - Linebacker, Wisconsin
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San Francisco 49ers 2017 Mock Draft

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of holes to fill. A lot. John Lynch made some incremental moves to improve what was one of the most talent-bereft rosters in the NFL in free agency. However, Lynch did not get anything that would tip the 49ers’ hand for their multiple draft picks. The 49ers have […]

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San Francisco 49ers: Brian Hoyer signing a veteran GM move

The San Francisco 49ers made a flurry of free agency moves on Wednesday. Among them was the acquisition of Brian Hoyer, as they signed Hoyer to a two-year deal. By signing Hoyer this early in, general manager John Lynch is already showing veteran GM skills his first month on the job. The 49ers’ main focus […]

San Francisco 49ers free agent targets
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San Francisco 49ers: Five Potential Free Agent Targets

The San Francisco 49ers are once again trying to rebuild a winner. The first time the organization attempted something like this, Jim Harbaugh led the organization to a Super Bowl. The second time the “blue bloods” found a new head coach, Jim Tomsula wasn’t the answer. The third time, Chip Kelly thought he could win […]

Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins
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Washington Redskins: Is Kirk Cousins as good as gone?

The Washington Redskins are about to do something more moronic than I have ever imagined they would do. They are about to give up on a quarterback, that has been the best QB that they have had in the last 20 years. Everyone knows that in this era of the NFL you need a competent […]

do the Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo?
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Where Can Jimmy Garoppolo Go?

I’m in a variety of sports groups and live in New England, a region that football isn’t a priority but the Patriots have changed that narrative a little. When Jimmy Garoppolo got drafted 51st overall in 2014, the homers (and I mean homers, honks, etc.) booed the selection. They said, “That pick could’ve been a […]