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Washington Redskins: Is Kirk Cousins as good as gone?

The Washington Redskins are about to do something more moronic than I have ever imagined they would do. They are about to give up on a quarterback, that has been the best QB that they have had in the last 20 years. Everyone knows that in this era of the NFL you need a competent […]

Washington Redskins free agent targets
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Washington Redskins: Top free agent targets for 2017

The Washington Redskins are a team in need of defense. They have most of the pieces for a solid offense. However, their defense is incredibly bad. Their focus in free agency should be on defense. Here are a few targets that should be on the Redskins radar. Micah Hyde – Safety The Washington Redskins are […]

Who will land Tony Romo?
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Who Will Finally Land Tony Romo?

This offseason could become the Tony Romo sweepstakes. Despite reports by several media outlets that the Dallas Cowboys quarterback will be released and that he wants to play in Houston next season, this could be a bidding war for an aging veteran who has spent more time on the injured reserve list than on the […]

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Washington Redskins: Playtime is over, Either Pay Kirk Cousins or Let Him Go

There comes a point in every team’s history where they must make a decision on whether their team succeeds or fails. Usually, most look at the play on the field but the real choices are made by the front office. Maybe it’s a free agent pickup, a draft pick but, in the case with the Washington […]

Where does Victor Cruz end up?
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Victor Cruz Top 5 Places to Dance the Salsa

Victor Cruz and his salsa dance were something that fans of the New York Giants loved to see. However, they will no longer see that, at least not in New York. Cruz was released on February 13, 2017, from his contract with the Giants. He has battled injuries over the past couple of seasons. That […]

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Is this the last time Kirk Cousins walks out as a Washington Redskin?
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Washington Redskins: If not Kirk Cousins then who?

With the talk of Kirk Cousins not being a member of the Washington Redskins, the next question would be to ask; then who? Do the Redskins have someone else in mind? Why would the Redskins want to walk away from this QB? We will answer that and take a look at some possible options below. […]

Washington Redskins Fans
Frustration builds for fans in Washington
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Fans frustration letter to the Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins are a team that has been mired in losing for the last 18 years. That just so happens to be the length of ownership for Dan Snyder. I am not saying that this is all his fault but in the early years, it was. He has since stepped back and let his […]