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Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks live stream: Where to Watch NHL Playoffs online

Welcome back my Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks fans. The NHL Playoffs are finally here. Who will come out on top and win the 2016-17 Stanley Cup? Check below for the official links to see all the games live. Every day from now until the end of the season I will do my best […]

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Edmonton Oilers: Connor McDavid ready to shoulder the load of franchise player?

The modern-day Edmonton Oilers may finally have their Wayne Gretzky in Connor McDavid. To be fair to McDavid, there will never be another “Great One” but if McDavid can continue his current path and the Oilers can keep following his lead up the standings then anything is possible. The Oilers are currently 25-16 including a […]

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Edmonton Oilers: Connor McDavid set to take over

The Edmonton Oilers haven’t been the picture of success in the NHL. They also haven’t had Connor McDavid play a full NHL season. Many feel that’s the key for the Oilers to sustain a winning record, and it’s the absolute truth. McDavid was viewed as a can’t miss prospect when he was drafted first overall […]

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Crazy day in the NHL

Wednesday June 29th 2016 turned out to be quite the exciting day in the NHL, from blockbuster trades, to the big key agent agreeing to terms. Here I’ll break down each trade and state the winners of the trades. Edmonton trades winger Taylor Hall to New Jersey for defenseman Adam Larsson BREAK DOWN: First off […]

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The 4 Most Disappointing Teams of the NHL Season So Far

We’re now nearly two months into the 2015-16 NHL season, and we’ve seen our fair of surprises. There’s the good – like the incredible Dallas Stars, who are outperforming expectations in the Central Division – and the bad. Let’s take a moment to talk about the latter. These are the four teams that we expected […]

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2015 NHL Draft: Thanks To Drafting Connor McDavid, Oilers Biggest Winners

The 2015 NHL Draft has certainly been exciting. The amount of trades have been overwhelming, as team’s are trying to jockey themselves into position for the upcoming season. There have been a few organizations that have stood out on Draft Day. One that has firmly established themselves are the Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton knew going into […]

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2015 NHL Mock Draft: McDavid, Eichel Go 1-2

The NHL Draft is right around the corner, so it’s a good time to start contemplating plans for the teams in dire need of a superstar to lead their franchise. Here are my projected top-10 for the NHL Draft. 1. Edmonton Oilers, Connor McDavid — This is the most talked about player since Sidney Crosby. […]