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Once Labeled The Chosen One, Drew McIntyre Is Back In The WWE

NXT might have found its next big star. Drew McIntyre is back in the WWE and it appears he’s there for the long haul. There was a time when Vince McMahon regarded McIntyre as the chosen one. Nobody seemed to notice though, as fans couldn’t care less about the talented Scottish superstar. His only real […]


Since we won’t be seeing the Universal title until July, it is time for the WWE to build the IC title

We are a few days away from Payback. However, the WWE announced the July PPV for the RAW Brand. Smackdown will be getting Backlash, Money in the Bank, and Battleground before Summerslam. On the other side, RAW will be getting Payback (This Sunday), Extreme Rules, and Great Balls of Fire on July 9th. This was […]

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Dolph Ziggler Will Bring Out The Best In Shinsuke Nakamura

I wasn’t sure how WWE would book Nakamura now that he has been elevated to the main roster on SmackDown Live. But putting him on a path toward a match with Dolph Ziggler is damn near brilliant. The King of Smooth Style in a match with the “Show Stopper” helps the former NXT champion prove […]

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WWE: It is Spring Cleaning time

For the last few years, the month after Wrestlemania is usually when we see superstars get released for several reasons. It has become bigger in recent years as we have seen guys like Cody Rhodes, Ryback, Wade Barrett, Zeb Coulter and others shown the door. Well we got our first bunch of releases happening that […]


WWE: Taijri has left the Crusierweight division to return to Japan

When the WWE had the Cruiserweight Touranment last summer that saw TJ Perkins win the first CWC touranment, there was one superstar who was making his comeback with the WWE. It just so happened that one of the superstars in the CWC was Taijri. He was one of two wrestlers who had wrestled for the […]

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WWE: Once Crazzy Steve signs, they should put him in NXT and Sanity

There have been reports going around that Crazzy Steve is done with Impact Wrestling. After the tapings last week, he sent out a tweet by thanking Impact Wrestling and saying that he was done. However, once those reports came out, there were new reports that he was offered a contract from the WWE. [Jon] Depending […]