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The Undertaker Leaves WWE On His Own Terms At WrestleMania 33

The Undertaker wanted it this way. While I have read quite a bit of hatred towards Roman Reigns for finally retiring the Dead Man, let’s all remember this is how WWE’s most tenured superstar wanted it. After 27 years of ring wars, and a body that is breaking down, the greatest wrestling character of all […]

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WWE: Neville and Austin Aries: The Right Feud To Redefine The 205 Division

Here’s something that you won’t hear from me very often. I was wrong. When it comes to the Austin Aries and Neville match for the Cruiserweight Title as part of the kick-off show at Wrestlemania 33, I was wrong. If you read my article earlier in the week, I said a match like this, with its […]

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Five Things That Must Happen At WrestleMania 33

It’s here! I feel like a kid at Christmas. WrestleMania 33 is here. Like all wrestling fans, I have waited for this day like I waited for Hanukkah Harry and Santa Claus to leave presents when I was a child. [DavidL] The only problem is, I’m a bit worried about this card. Too many matches, […]


WWE: Who would I see getting called into the Hall of Fame

Last night, the WWE Hall of Fame welcomed Kurt Angle, Rick Rude, Teddy Long, Diamond Dallas Page, Beth Phoenix, and the Rock and Roll Express. While they are all earned their spots in the Hall of Fame, it got me thinking of who else we could see getting their name called in the next couple […]

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Wrestling: How WWE lost me as a diehard fan.

One of the hardest things for me to admit is no longer being a wrestling fan. So much of my childhood was spent watching the then WWF, now WWE. From me and my uncle gathering at my grandmother’s to watch the Pay-Per-Views to tuning every week back when it was Monday Night Raw, I was […]

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Will WWE Put Goldberg Out Of His Universal Title Misery At WrestleMania 33?

Can we just put Bill Goldberg out of his misery? After making a triumphant return to WWE last year and recently winning the Universal Heavyweight Title, the former WWE and WCW world champion has said in a recent interview he isn’t happy since he beat Kevin Owens. Sometimes, winning titles can’t buy happiness. [DavidL] Per […]