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Braun Strowman: WWE’s Biggest And Best Performer On Monday Nights

Not only is Braun Strowman the biggest thing in WWE, he might be the best thing going today. After a two-week stretch that saw the big man destroy Roman Reigns and an ambulance and then break the company’s ring with Bog Show (been there, done that), there is no doubt the road toward super stardom […]

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The Real Reason Why Jinder Mahal Is Getting A Major Push

WWE is pushing Jindal Mahal as its top contender for the WWE World Title for one reason – money. While I thought the idea of giving the former MB3 member a run toward the top of the company pecking order was because of his recent work in the ring, my assumption was only part right. […]

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Is A Dean Ambrose Heel Turn The Best Thing For Monday Night Raw?

I know my friend Sarah had to be fangirling a bit when WWE decided to send Dean Ambrose back to Monday Night Raw. A Monday night roster that already boasted Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins now had the last member of the former faction of The Shield, which I am sure many secretly hope for […]

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Will WWE Finally Give Jindal Mahal The Push He Deserves?

Tonight’s SmackDown Live features a Six-Pack Challenge for tonight’s show to determine who will become the Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship after Payback on 4/30. Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley and Dolph Zigger are the participants in the six-man match. General Manager Daniel Bryan booked the match where […]

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Gargano and Ciampa Need To Be Placed on The WWE Main Roster

There are many dominant tag teams on the WWE roster. You’ve got the Hardy Boys, Club, Enzo and Cass, Usos, American Alpha, and Cesaro/Sheamus. But is there room for one more? With so much sucess at NXT, DIY is the next great tag team in the WWE. Tomaso Ciampa and Johhny Gargano are looking to […]


WWE: Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins is the most intriguing feud heading into Payback

As we found out moments before RAW went on the air, Seth Rollins will be facing Samoa Joe at the upcoming WWE ppv Payback. I see this match as being the match of the night on the night of the PPV, however, I also see the feud if it is built the right way could […]