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Should WWE Consider These Changes Moving Forward?

The path WWE is on since the Superstar Shakeup has had its ebbs and flows, trying to find the right balance on both the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live rosters. There is no doubt, the recent programming has been more entertaining, with new feuds developing and stars like Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin and Big […]

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WWE The Greatest Royal Rumble Could Change Culture In Middle East

As odd as this sounds, the best match of the Greatest Royal Rumble event could be between Triple H and John Cena. Two WWE stars facing each other once again. I’ll let you have a moment to ponder this. With a way array of matches, the 50-man battle royal and titles being fought over, the […]

Seth Rollins
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Seth Rollins Continues To Rise Amongst The Ranks Of WWE’s Best Performers

I hadn’t really thought about the ebb and flow of professional wrestling until I read an article by Phillip Martinez on Seth Rollins, the current Intercontinental Champion and arguably the best performer on Monday Night Raw, has been to the mountain top and back twice. As the former WWE World Champion and someone who […]

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Will The Biggest Royal Rumble Make Fans Question The WWE Process?

At some point, before Friday, someone will need to explain to me what WWE is doing with the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. Just like Denzel Washington’s character in Philadelphia, I need this explained to me as if I’m a three-year-old. The potential for one of the biggest shifts in the company this […]

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Did WWE Do Enough For The Women’s Divisions During The Superstar Shakeup?

As odd as this might sound, WWE did plenty to move puzzle pieces around in its most recent Superstar shakeup, but it might not have moved the needle enough in the women division on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. After looking over both rosters, can fans honestly say the “new” look of the […]

Drew McIntyre
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Will Drew McIntyre Become WWE’s “Chosen One” Once Again?

WWE’s Superstar shakeup didn’t help everyone who was part of the roster shuffle that took place last Monday and Tuesday night. The Authors of Pain, Andrade “Cien” Almas, No Way Jose and Ember Moon made have made their main roster debuts. The one former NXT star I am most interested in seeing back on WWE’s […]

Big Cass
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Is Big Cass WWE’s Next Big Thing?

Two years ago, WWE fans were caught up in the Enzo and Big Cass hysteria. The over-the-top antics of Amore, combined with the overpowering size and strength of the big man proved to be one of NXT’s biggest draws. Add Carmella to the mix and WWE cashed in on one of the better combinations since […]

Samoa Joe
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Samoa Joe Is Ready To Dominate SmackDown Live

WWE just made Tuesday night must-see television. After the smoke cleared and rosters were reset following the two-night Superstar Shakeup event, it is clear SmackDown Live received  a major shot of adrenaline with the arrival of Samoa Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine has his sights set on anyone and everyone who gets in his way […]

The Miz
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WWE Superstar Shakeup: Advantage Monday Night

Finally, The Miz has come back to SmackDown Live! WWE is changing its scenery once again, with wrestlers moving from one brand to another. With the announcement The Miz, the former Intercontinental Champion, going back to Tuesday nights, it means he and Daniel Bryan may finally settle the score between the two of them. It’s […]

Daniel Bryan
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WWE And The Daniel Bryan Position

Daniel Bryan is doing exactly what WWE expected once he was cleared to get back in the ring. The leader of the “Yes! Movement” is taking his place atop the company food chain as the top babyface on SmackDown Live. Sorry, AJ Styles. This title belongs to Bryan, the new “People’s Champion” who looks like […]