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Tips and Tricks: How To Get The Best Selfie Possible

Getting the right selfie is nearly impossible, whether it’s finding the right angle or the best lighting, either way, the struggle is real. Then you add which filters to use is also complicate matters as you’re looking for the best possible shot to post. Instagram now has over 800 million monthly active users. Whether it’s […]

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Social Media: How To Deal With Fake News and Yellow Journalism

The term “fake news” means the dissemination of false information in media and social networks. Fake news is created for the purpose of manipulating people and spread because of the thirst for power. Often, they are based on prejudice and are specially made so that it is difficult to distinguish them from real news. The […]

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Marketing: 10 Tips For A Successful Social Media Campaign During Mobile App Development

Marketing on social media is one of the most effective means of promoting a business or brand. Each day, millions of people surf social media platforms to source for information, link up with friends, or just spend their leisure time. Facebook, which is arguably the most popular social media platform, has more than 2 billion […]

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Tech: How Can You Save A PDF As A JPEG?

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is usually a format, which supports present files without any assistance from hardware, software program, or computer operating systems. It was actually developed under Adobe Systems. JPEG means Joint Photographic Expert Group, and way of data compression for images. This particular data compression is usually used with a number of […]

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Tech: 4 Ways to Secure Your Point of Sale Register System

You may not be aware, but POS system attacks are not new. In fact, one of the biggest data breaches to ever hit a retail store, that has always relied on highly secure point of sale systems, was in 2014 when retail giant Target was hit by a massive attack and over 70 million customer […]

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Living: The Best HDTV’s For Gamers

We all are aware of the fact that choosing a TV set among many choices is not an easy task. We also know that if we are a movie frenzy then we might end up spending most of our time in front of that TV screen which we eventually buy. It will acts as our […]

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Dating: How to Make Online Relationships Work!

Relationships are hard, which is a reality most people would not argue. Online relationships can be even harder. Now, no one is saying the road will be easy, but the following will help improve your chances. High-Voltage Communication: Of course, one ingredient of a health relationship is communication. Part of the reason this is important […]

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Online Dating Fraud: Five Ways To Know How To Identify Fake Dating Profiles

Dating sites may be the best sites to meet adults online, but that doesn’t make them safe or completely free from issues. Fake dating profiles are unfortunately very prevalent, for whatever reason. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you have found yourself on a fake dating profile. 1. The words make no sense: There’s […]

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How Salon Management Software Can Help To Manage A Business!

Today, every spa or salon business owner is looking for the most proactive and essential ways to achieve success. We’re not going to lie – we look for the best ways to achieve success, too! We discovered it’s helpful to implement business practices which are proven to yield successful results. Through our voyage and those […]

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Common Causes Of Snail-Like Internet Speeds

One of the most frustrating things about modern living is slow internet speeds. Considering how almost everything is now done online, including shopping, dating, working, and studying, it’s easy to see why users can get upset by poor internet speed and connection. If your net is acting like a turtle, then here are some possible […]