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Social Media: 5 Reasons Small Businesses Must Invest in SEO Services

By Sujain Thomas Search engine optimization (SEO) is largely misunderstood, especially among small businesses and startups. While everyone is in agreement on the importance of an online presence to leverage this growing market, there is a lot of contention when it comes to SEO. The fact that most SEOs don’t take time to elaborate on […]

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Tech: 5 Reasons Why Every Student Should Consider a Job in Analytics

By Joao Pedro De Sousa Big data analytics is the next frontier of new technologies and it is easy to see a future where analytics will be ubiquitous and essential to almost every industry. What’s even more compelling about this field is that most of the data available still hasn’t been mined yet, and there […]

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FireFan: Much different experience than DraftKings and Fanduel?

The sports world is about to be turned upside down in a way that Fanduel and Draft Kings never imagined. For years, we as fans have argued, placed bets and wished that we could know the outcome of a single play during a live game. Well, the time has arrived. No longer well you need to […]

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How the 2016 Election turned Social Media into a war zone

The 2016 Election is finally over and the winner is Donald Trump. Was it a surprise? To some, it was but to those in the know it shouldn’t be a shock. America has been headed this way for years and after having an African-American in office for eight years what did you expect? You still wanted everything to […]


How the iPhone 7/7 Plus Compares to 6S/6S Plus

By Jessica Oaks The iPhone 7 sold out minutes after pre-orders kicked off but that’s not surprising. Apple fandom is a force to be reckoned with, and it was almost inevitable even before the brand started selling unlocked versions of their latest device. Now availability of the 7 and 7 Plus has improved and fans […]

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FireFan, The App That Will Change The Way You Watch Sports

Inscriber Magazine, a digital lifestyle magazine based and founded in Cleveland, Ohio has learned about FireFan, the hottest interactive live global sports app launching in iTunes and Google Play this fall. FireFan will enable players to acquire tokens and make “picks” in various sports games in real-time, and is allowing players to pre-register to be […]

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Tech: Role Of Remote Database Administrator Experts in Organizations

As organizations become larger they need to deal with an ever-increasing number of customers as well as suppliers. Consequently, the administration of databases becomes extremely complex requiring the intervention of database administration specialists who can formulate effective strategies to build and maintain databases with humongous amounts of data. Increasing globalization now means that managers need […]