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Gambling: The Best Online Slots Inspired by Famous Computer Games

By Rick Slot Through the history of online gambling, there have been releases of popular computer game themed slots. This is an easy way to engage online gamers and introduce them to the world of gambling. Since all of the slot machines feature a lot of the main characters and gameplay, they will be intrigued […]

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Do Social Signals Affect SEO and in What Way?

By Mike Young The impact of social media on SEO is a hot topic and there’s a lot of conflicting information floating around. What is clear right off the bat is that social media does help SEO efforts. However, the fact that social signals don’t act as official ranking factor stir confusion and lead some […]

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Learning and Innovation Go Hand in Hand: 7 Reasons Why Coding is Great for Kids!

By Yassi Parrish There are many better ways to prepare your kids for the future, and encouraging them to learn how to code is one of them. Coding will benefit your kids in many ways. With the penchant of kids for the latest gadgets and technology, surely their learning could never be more fun and […]

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There’s An App For Everything: 7 Best Apps To Crush Your Goals In 2018!

2018 has begun, and with it, so has the thirst to achieve. The New Year brings a sense of new beginnings. Everyone around you has probably made New Year resolutions, and a vast majority of them are already breaking them. According to Forbes, only 8% of people keep their New Year resolutions. Like them, if […]

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Tech: How the Latest AI Technology is Breaking Language Translation Barriers

By Rachel Wheeler As the business world has gone global, the need for language translation services has increased dramatically. For companies that work in different countries, with different languages and cultures, creating a smooth transition from one language to another can be a challenge. Human translators have traditionally been the primary means of achieving quality […]

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How to Access Blocked Websites – 10 Useful Methods!

1. Use VPN VPN or Virtual Proxy Network allows you to connect your gadget to a protected connection to an additional network over the internet. VPN allows you to access blocked websites from your home network and puts your IP address in a land away. You can additionally download and install the applications or open […]

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Auto: Top 5 Cheapest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2018!

By Yatin Kumar The world is on its way to embracing the full-fledged electric mobility soon. Though the development is just in the initial stages in many countries, the way the current fleet of automakers and the governing bodies in most of the countries are striving hard to get full-on electric vehicles, it won’t be […]