Headphones: Tips for Buying Quality Ear Buds

By Warner Smith

Finding the right headphone product when you are not familiar with different aspects of audio can be a daunting task. There are various things you need to consider when you want to purchase headphones to ensure that you pick the best pair for your needs.

In-Ears: An important step is to be aware of the different categories of headphones that are available. The smallest types of headphones are known as in-ears and the ones that accompany your phone are probably within this category. Their small size and light weight enhances the convenience of using them.

They are portable and can easily be stored in your bag or pockets when you are not using them.

In-ears are also known for their optimal noise cancellation because of their direct placement in the ears. Along with being portable, they are ideal for an active lifestyle.

In-ears are popular options for people who want to be able to work out while they have their headphones on.

On and Over-Ear Headphones: On-ear phones are not placed over the ears unlike the in-ears that go into the canal. The band of the headphones is placed over or behind the head while the drivers are placed on the ears. They are relatively portable and offer quality sound.

Over-ears are the biggest kinds of headphones and their large drivers enhance the sound.

Choosing Buds: One of the key things to keep in mind when buying headphones is how you plan to use them.

Ear buds are headphones that feature light weight and portability. They fit in the ear, which seals the canal and helps to isolate sound. This ensures that you are the only one who will be able to hear it.

The quality of ear bud headphones varies with some offering exemplary sound quality despite the small size of their drivers. The best buds are those that fit comfortably and properly in the ear canal because this has a significant effect on sound.

Some models are adjustable for the purpose of enabling people to determine the best fit.

For listeners who want to avoid high background noise levels, noise-canceling buds are ideal. These are specially designed to get rid of background noise.

Quick Tips

 Full sound, minimal distortion and enhanced bass response are some of the notable features of quality earphones.

 The fit of the bud is as important as the sound. Conventional buds are gently secured in the ear canal. A tighter seal when inserted in the ear makes it possible to cut out external noise and enjoy better sound.

 Comfort is essential and you need to be able to wear your buds for a substantial amount of time without feeling uncomfortable. Small buds are generally easy to wear for long periods of time and foam or rubber tips can ease the pressure.

 Lightweight portable buds enable you to listen while you are physically active. Everyone wants to own headphones that last.

 Take proper care of your headphones and put them away carefully when they are not being utilized. Ensure that the length of the cable is suitable for your situation, does not affect sound quality or tangle easily.

Author’s Bio:   Warner Smith is a freelance writer who is passionate about art and photography. When asked to describe what his idea of a perfect day would be, he says it would probably be spent at an art or photography exhibition. Find out more at https://www.headphonesunboxed.com.

Tech: 2017’s Android Takeover Case

By Rachael Everly

It seems today that mobile is becoming more important than desktops for internet and applications. Last year’s stats from the industry revealed that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, for the first time ever, exceeded in traffic than from desktops. The data put out by StatCounter showed that mobile devices accounted for 51.3% of the internet use while desktops comprised of 48.7 percentage of that usage.

Right after the disclosure of these stats, content filled with advice regarding the sheer importance of websites being mobile friendly proliferated the digital sphere. Justified claims were made that mature markets of the developed world like the U.S and UK still employ desktops as their main mode of internet use and that it’s the developing countries that contribute to most of the mobile traffic, as access to mobile there is easier and makes more sense due to the availability of cheap devices and services, and a lack of a need for a bigger device.

Hence, further evidence that did not come off as a surprise is the news of Google’s Android surpassing Windows as the most common and popular operating system for internet access. Yesterday, the same research plus web analytics firm established the fact.

Android’s usage of the internet was 37.93% while the internet usage coming from Windows was 37.91%. While this might be a tiny difference, it signifies a notable shift that was anticipated to happen and which will doubtlessly increase over the months.

Stat counter bases its findings on 2.5 million websites which create more than 15 billion page views in a month. The company tracked over a long period of time the usage traffic coming from the two operating systems. One of the factors that contribute to the high amount of internet traffic coming from android devices is the failure of Window’s phones in the market. As mobiles are the most popular platform for most internet usage, it only makes sense that a mobile operating system would eventually cross the usage mark made by a system that operates on a more stationary device.

However, what makes android so much more popular than other mobile operating systems like iOS is largely because of the cheap smartphones that it’s installed in. Although it’s interesting to note that for Apple’s operating system exclusively, its mobile phone users have managed to beat their desktop users by almost three times in internet usage last month, according to StatCounter.


Additionally, while Windows does dominate the desktop landscape, the global sales for personal computers have declined over the last five years while mobile phones sales have skyrocketed and Android holds the most share of it. The highest growth comes from countries on an economic rise like India, Indonesia, and China, which has now become the most lucrative market for iOS apps in the world.

The popularity of mobile in these regions have caused a shift in the international revenues of developers along with a change in an app’s legal environment and cultural needs.

An earlier report by App Annie found that iOS apps were downloaded 25 billion times in the previous year out of a total of 90 billion downloads, the rest of which are attributed to Android. However, from the $35 billion paid to publishers across iOS and Android App Stores, the majority went to iOS.

That too, however, is also predicted to change fast, due to Androids steep incline in the developing world and App Annie sees that this year the app earnings for Android are bound to leave behind iOS’s earnings for the first time. Seems like a year of firsts for the platform.

Author Bio: A featured contributor at Inman, BusinessTown, AllBusiness and TheRichest, Rachael Everly, is a business and finance enthusiast, who happens to have a special interest in matters related to student loans and repayment plans.

XNSpy: Privacy Just An Illusion Among Couples In Techno-Digital Era

By Sakil Sarawr

When in relationships, there is no such thing as privacy. Many people consider it their right to know what the spouse is currently doing so they secretly snoop into their affairs. Checking their pockets, going through their wallets, gadgets, etc. are old school techniques.

Today, the digital world provides endless opportunities to couples to spy on each other.

With the prevalence of digital apps and improvement in global positioning systems, it has become quite difficult to maintain a low profile. Every day we hear about leakage of photos, videos or messages on social media which leads to couples sparring with each other.

Advent of spy apps have allowed no data to remain private. If a person thinks hitting the delete button will erase all the proof against their cheating, they’re wrong. All their private documents can be easily found if a spouse spying app is present in their smartphone.

Spying on spouse in contemporary times

Spying is generally used as a negative connotation which can create a marital discord. However, in the current tech era, it can be used for other purposes, such as to catch a cheating spouse or when worrying about your spouse’s safety.

Recent trends show that covert monitoring technology is a boom market, as suspicious spouses are downloading spying software to spy on their other halves. Increase in communication platforms in social arena has led to increase in cases of infidelity among partners.

Therefore, undercover investigations reveal that spouse spying app is used with a sense of urgency today.

Among a plethora of spy apps, xnspy is currently dominating the monitoring spectrum. It is specifically designed for covert monitoring and reporting. The app performs its functions undetectably so your spouse will never realize he’s being monitored.

What’s interesting about digital spying is that it ensures remote monitoring, that is, all the data from the target phone will be transferred to the web-based control panel into the user device where the user can view all the live updates about the target.

Since people store too much data into their smartphones, this is a really reliable technique for retrieving someone’s personal information. xnspy is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones so even of the target has stored some data in iCloud, even that can be mined up using the spy app.

Privacy is just an illusion? Have a look at the features of xnspy

Many would consider spying an invasion of privacy but it is often used for an innocent purpose. Yes, catching your cheating spouse can save you from emotional heartache in the future. It can also help you overcome your fear of infidelity.

And, if not used for above purposes, it can definitely help you keep a tab on your partner to ensure their safety in such turbulent times.

The ‘paradox of privacy’ usually deals with freedom and independence of an individual. But the paradox is restricted to theoretical basis only. It scarcely has any value in the real world, especially when xnspy spouse spying app is so easily available.

Here are some state-of-the-art features of xnspy that will further state the fact that privacy is merely an illusion today.

· Monitoring call log

A complete record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls is available in the control panel from where you can view not only the contact names but also their numbers, call duration, date and time stamp of each call, etc. To determine the frequency of a certain person being in contact with your partner, you can watch-list that person to monitor their calls.

· Reading texts and chats

Whether its text messaging or IM correspondence, you can view each and every message of your spouse without letting them know. The message details can be viewed which include name of message sender/receiver, their number, date and time stamp, and geo-tags (an icon which determines the exact location of a person from where a specific message was sent/received).

Apart from the message content you can also view any multimedia files (photos, videos, audio clips), if shared any. If you want to determine whether your partner is flirting with their current flame over messages, you can watch-list specific words such as ‘love’ or ‘sex’ so that if there any unapproved activity going on, you can learn about it.

· Tracking location

To learn about the daily schedule of your partner, you can monitor their activities through GPS tracking so that you can keep a watch on their every movement. If you want, you can determine the exact location of your partner at current time and also browse their location history. Through geo-fencing, you can create a virtual barricade on your partner to detect any unauthorized activity from taking place.

Some add-ons of xnspy that make it a distinctive app

· Phone and surrounding recording is one of the preeminent features of xnspy. It enables you to record and listen to call conversations and also hear the in-room conversations taking place near the target.

· You can monitor social networking sites of your partner to keep a close tab on them. These sites include Instagram, Tinder, Kik, etc. You can view the status updates as well as any photos or videos posted.

· You can remotely command the target phone to lock the target screen, wipe data from it, block certain apps, take live-screenshots, etc.


When you begin spying on your spouse, it is already a signal that your marriage is facing some problems, otherwise you could resort to other methods such as confrontations. No matter how controversial this act may be, it often gives you a right to spy on your spouse so that you can catch him in the act if he were lying.

There are a great number of monitoring apps that are used as an evidence of infidelity. However, you should use your time and energy to focus on improving your relationship with your partner, rather than relying on spy apps.

Tech: Best Free Music Download Apps For Android In 2017

By Emma Jones

Smartphone function almost like mini computers and the benefit of using one lies in the fact that you can carry all your important stuffs in this portable device.

With the advent and gradual development of Smart phones, finding out your favorite music has also become easier. Good music is available online and you can now make it yours for free.

This has been made possible by the Android music downloading apps available. This means, you can now listen to your favorite music wherever you go without even paying a single penny.

Here is a quick rundown of all the top Android apps available for downloading your favorite song for free.

Let’s check out the features of these great apps so that you can make your selection wisely.

Best free Android apps for music download

#1. Google Play Music

This app is immensely popular among users of Android phone and hence demands no explanation. This cool app offers you the opportunity to upload even more than 50,000 songs to cloud. This means you can play and listen to your favorite songs offline anytime, anywhere. The free version of this Android app offers you a curated playlist where you can save near about thousands of songs.

#2. Deezer

If you are looking for the best quality music while listening offline, Deezer is the best choice. With this app installed in your phone you can create a playlist consisting of an unlimited number of songs. This means, playing your desired song everywhere is easy.


If music radio stations are your ultimate love, then make this Mp3 music downloader yours. This is mainly a radio app that helps you to download the song you love from a wide array of radio stations. In other words, with this unique app you can listen to various radio stations as per your choice and taste.

#4. Jango

This is also a radio app that functions in a similar manner to IHEARTRADIO. With this app you can get access to new songs of all new artists and new age rock stars across the world. This means, Jango will offer you access to a wide range of song genres like Remix, Hip-Hop, Classical and a lot more. However, this app has a single downside- it will broadcast one ad each day. Well! If you are a crazy music fan this issue is not unbearable.

#5. Soundcloud

All this app does is to make you listen to music in a more stylish way. Moreover, you can discover and listen to almost all genres of music. Downloading the music files you love across genres like Rap, Love, Hip-Hop, Chill, Romantic, Classic and a lot more is made easy. You can download this app for free anytime and enjoy seamless music.

#6. 4Shared Music Free Downloader

Best part about this Android app is that it acts as a great online resource. It is like an online free space where you can upload and store up to 1GB files. You can download the music file you love in MP3 format and save them offline to listen anytime. This unique quality makes this app a must download and use for all the crazy music lovers.

#7. Rockmyrun- Best workout music

Just like your mind, your body too loves some quality music. This is the reason people love to move their body with the rhythm of some feet-tapping music during workouts. You now have the perfect way out to do the exact same thing once you have this awesome music app in your Smartphone. During your busy workout sessions, you can listen to the best DJ’s and the latest party mixes. This practice keeps you motivated while you are running, doing exercise, walking or jogging.

#8. Anghami

This music app brings to you a great collection of songs that includes millions of the biggest hits of English, American and Arabic individual singers. So, why not discover you favorite music album and have them in your tablet or phone? You can get access to several types of songs and kill boredom in the perfect way. Best part about Anghami is that all the files are available in Dolby. This means you can enjoy them while relaxing.

Now that you have such a wonderful list handy, choose the one you are most comfortable with. Find your favorite music on the go and dance with the tunes for free. All the above apps are designed to satiate your thirst for music.

Social Media: Why Is Your SEO strategy Not Helping Your Company?

By Cindy Hawthrone

You may be the CMO of a leading company. We can understand you have a lot on your plate, yet we are here to push another item on it!

You may have been wondering why your SEO efforts are not reflecting on your site visibility? Well, according to our latest research, there are quite a few reasons for it.

SEO is an ongoing trial-and-error method of strategies, techniques, tactics that keep your site on top of all SRLs. SEO is intertwined with branding, and the reputation of your brand depends on how high your website ranks on Google.

Where are you going wrong?

At http://nycseoauthority.com/, we have seen these classic mistakes most companies make in their SEO campaigns.

Your SEO tactics are OUTDATED: That’s right!

Most marketers have been perfecting their SEO for Google of the past.

In the last year, Google has released at least 10 small updates that have massively affected SEO. As soon as RankBrain came into action, machine learning became a reality.

Now all keywords bear meaning and the spiders can “understand” the context, nuances and connotations of phrases rather than look for isolated words.

Google now uses data points and environment to understand what a user needs and wants. Each SERP is customized according to the search trends, localization and shopping inclination of your target users.

If you are retail, pay more attention to the detail: Retain websites are NOT SEO friendly by built.

They are meant to be very curt and transactional. They don’t have much room for flamboyant content and contextual keyword placement.

There are thousands of product information, transactions and itineraries to be handled that cannot be monitored by human beings alone. So, don’t be glum when you get to know the harsh truth. You cannot perfect your SEO if you are an e-commerce website.

It is not humanly possible to tweak thousands of website content every day to stay in Google’s good books.

Not enough importance to technology: Just like all good things of 21st century, SEO is completely slave to technology. You will need to tame big data, machine learning and AI for that and that definitely sounds like a lot of work.

Worry not! There are quite a few ace tools like Google AdWords, Google Keywords, SEMrush and HootSuite that can help you out with that.

You will need a little more than that to manage big data and AI. And that’s why you have the expert SEO companies to do that for you.That may seem costly in the beginning, but after you see the improvements in ranking and website traffic that will seem like a smart investment.

The key to building a company’s SEO and brand is to invest in the right places before the damage is done. If you want your company to be visible and stay visible, but you have no idea how SEO works, reach out to a verified SEO authority.

Author Bio: Cindy Hawthrone is a SEO consultant with NYC SEO Authority. She has been running her own SEO for ecommerce Websites Company for the last 6 years.

Media and Marketing: How To Get and Keep Followers On Social Media

By Chelsea Ann Dowdell

Why is it that some people have thousands of followers and others have none? It can’t be the quality of their content. Quite often you’ll find some obscure writer that still makes perfectly valid points and does so eloquently. And yet still they don’t really get noticed.

The trick, quite simply, is marketing. 50% of anything you do online is about marketing correctly. That’s how you get your brand noticed and that’s how you get followers. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for a company or for yourself, you still have to learn to market your product.

Here we’re going to talk about how you can do exactly that.

Do what I tell you and then do it again: The first thing that needs to be said, before we get to any of the strategies that you can use, is that if you apply these strategies for only a week or two it simply won’t work.

These are long-term strategies that will take time to develop. For that reason, you’ve got to be consistent. Do it, then do it again, then rinse and repeat, until you’ve got the effects that you want.

For that reason, it’s actually a good idea to read through the list that follows and only choose one or two of the strategies that appeal to you most and that you’re sure you can follow through with. In that way, you’re going to get far more from this list than you otherwise would.

And if they work? Well, then it’s time to consider adding a few more strategies into the mix, until you’re world famous and they start inviting you on CNN (but you refuse, because you’re bigger than they are).

Don’t talk at people: Yes, some people can yell from their soap box and do very well indeed. Don’t assume you’re one of them. You’ll do much better if instead, you make sure that you engage your audience in a conversation. Give them a reason to respond to what you’ve got to say by asking them questions, responding to any comments that they do make and in other ways giving them the idea that this is a two way street.

In that way they won’t think of you as aloof, but as their friend. And that will make them far more likely to continue following you (and tell other people about you).

Give your audience what they actually want: There are a lot of strategies that you can use to find out what your audience actually wants. For example, you can use something like Facebook ad manager to check out what other pages people that like your page like (you can do so under insights). Then you can copy ideas that work well on other people’s sites and use them on your own.

Other ways to know what your audience wants is to follow your own statistics, like on Google Analytics. Here you’ll get feedback about what people are looking at, what articles have legs (as in keep getting read long after you stopped pushing them) and which have low bounce rates.

From there, you’ll know what to give your audience more of. Then you can write it yourself or use something like RewardedEssays to give them that.

Follow others: Another highly effective strategy is to find people like yourself and to follow them. The great thing about this is that it will start building a relationship with that person, who will possibly reciprocate. In that way, you’ll not just have another follower, but you’ll have another source of potentially useful and interesting information.

Of course, make sure you follow the right person. If you follow a celebrity, they’ll simply think it’s their due and might well not pay any attention to you. If you find somebody more similar to yourself, somebody who is still trying to build a following and willing to engage with you, then you’re far more likely to be successful.

Sometimes pay to promote: Sometimes when you’ve got an article that is particularly well liked by your follows, why not push it with a few dollars? Often, just pushing it by that little bit will get you a huge amount of exposure. Yes, you’ll be a few dollars poorer, but seeing as that’s probably not even an hour of work (And you’ll often invest hours in marketing in other ways) that can be well worth it.

Note that you shouldn’t invest indiscriminately. There are some sites that deserve to get pushed and others that should go die a quiet death somewhere. Identify the winners and push them. That will give you far better bang for your buck.

Last words: It is possible to get more followers. Yes, it will take time. It doesn’t just happen overnight. At the same time, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. All you’ve got to do is keep at it, work at it and not give up. Eventually you’ll be paid off.

And then it will all be well worth it.

Besides, the skills you’ll have to build a following can be useful everywhere. Once you’ve figured out how to build up your personal brand, you can start building up official brands. And from there you’ve got a real business. Now that sounds pretty rad, right?

Author Bio: Chelsea Ann Dowdell is an educational lecturer, she has her own website, educational blog and she never stops the process of self-growth. Blogging is her hobby. You can contact her on Facebook

Magneto Search: 5 Reasons Your Visitors Aren’t Buying and What to Do About Them

By Charlie Brown

So, you’ve launched your e-commerce store and it’s all stocked up and ready. You’ve chosen Magento as a platform, for its proven performance. You’ve done your social media marketing and email campaigns and traffic is coming in.

Congratulations! Now where are all those sales?

Want to know what’s missing from your success formula? There are a few things you have to have in addition to a great storefront and strong marketing skills these days. If your traffic is up and sales are not, your problems are centered on conversion.

You’re not turning those visitors in to buyers. I’m about to explain 5 possible reasons that isn’t happening. Then I’m going to tell you how to fix all of them. Let’s do this!

  1. You don’t have the products people are looking for NOW.
    Internet shoppers follow trends that change quickly. October’s hottest item may be November’s old news. The most successful online shops are those that keep up with the most popular items in their line of merchandise and stock what’s hot while it’s popular.
    That means you need a tool to keep track of what your visitors are searching for. Your basic Magento search extension isn’t going to do that.
  2. You have the hot items, but they’re too hard to find.
    The second thing you should know about Internet shoppers is that they’re impatient. With today’s blazing fast internet speeds and the amount of competition out there for any product line, you don’t have much time to show them what they want.
    Again, the fact that you have a Magento search prominent on your store’s home page isn’t enough. When Joe Golfer gets ready to buy that new graphite driver everyone’s talking about, he wants to find it with just those two words. If he has to search through too many results, he’s going to go find it somewhere else.
    Alright, so you have to have a tool that knows what Joe Golfer is looking for even if he doesn’t know how to search for it.
  3. You’re not providing enough visual clues.
    Let’s watch Jane Bowler this time. She comes to your site looking for that new ball that’s adding 12 pins to everyone’s game. She can’t remember the name of it, but she knows exactly what it looks like – it had that green and yellow pearl cover stock. That scenario isn’t as far “out there” as you might think. In fact, the most successful web stores are giving their shoppers visual clues in product suggestions even before they’ve finished typing their search phrase. You need a tool that will do that.
  4. There’s no way for the shopper to improve the experience.
    Okay, let’s go back to Joe’s experience with the golf club. He entered a couple of words, got a huge list of suggested products, and decided not to waste his time going through all of them. Now, what if Joe had a list of relevant options he could select to narrow down his choices? Suppose he didn’t know the brand name, but did know that it had a graphite composite shaft and that the series number was 250.
    If you had an advanced Magento search that showed Joe a few check boxes with those options and threw out the suggestions that didn’t match what he entered, he’d probably find his new club and stick around to buy it.
  5. You’re not learning from your customers.
    Every time a visitor searches for something on your site, he or she is providing you valuable information for your merchandising. That’s true even for those who didn’t find what they wanted – in fact, especially for them. Keeping track of those searches and learning what they are telling you is one of the most important steps in operating a successful enterprise.
    Alright, so you need a tool that will gather data from the visitor’s searches on your site and help you decide what it’s all trying to tell you.

Solve All of the Above with One Extension

Sounds like a pretty big list of complex tools, doesn’t it? Well, the surprise is that there’s one Magento advanced search extension that delivers all of this and a whole lot more. It’s a complete set of merchandising tools that installs in a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any changes.

Improved visitor experience equals higher conversion. Magento Search from Instant Search + adds a lightning fast, intelligent and intuitive search for your visitors. It learns from each user’s input and delivers relevant product suggestions as they type.

The briefs include thumbnail images to offer quick identification or just more appeal for the impulse buyers.

There’s a smart navigation widget with custom options for your prospects. They can tailor the search results with a few clicks to see only the products that match. Search results feature a Quick View button that lets customers zoom in on the product without leaving the search page.

You can display an Add to Cart button on the view, too, to speed up the purchasing process.

The Magento Search extension even tracks a visitor’s progress and personalizes search results based on the apparent intent.

Analytics help you improve the experience further. For you, this application provides a complete administrative dashboard that includes powerful analytical functions. The data from user searches can be graphed and analyzed to provide invaluable insights for your merchandising.
See what products are hot and get them while the trends continue.

Place products on your site and in search results according to popularity.

Use geographical clues to help with product placement. Deliver a blend of merchandising and search result-based results to visitors. You simply have to see everything this extension can do for your Magento store, starting from the day you install it.

The Cloud provides speed. All the functions and even the image delivery for Magento Search are handled in the Cloud. This reduces server load to a minimum and gives your searches speed that’s truly unmatched.

See for Yourself: This Magento advanced extension may be the most valuable addition you’ll ever make to your store. Don’t take my word for it, though; there’s much more to see that I can’t fit into this post.

Everything you need to know is available on the website. Go check out Magento Search for yourself today.