5 Best Kept SEO Secrets For Social Media Marketers

By Cindy Hawthorne

For far too long, SEO and social media have been handled as separate marketing entities.

Most brands running their marketing campaigns have different teams working on each one. However, time is ripe for these strategies to be used alongside each other.

If played out right, SEO efforts can amplify social media marketing campaigns. The reverse is true.

SEO is known for content distribution while focusing on key phrases. Social media, on the other hand, provides a perfect platform for link building.

Even more, it enhances the sharing of highly optimized SEO content, boosting user engagement and brand awareness in the process. However, the big question remains; how exactly do the two play along?

Is it possible to use social media to enhance organic search rankings?

The Power of Social Media Profile: As part of the registration process, brands must fill in their details while signing up social media accounts. For some brands, this is just a formality.

Simply typing the business name, address, and contacts is all they do and forget about it. Consequently, they switch to content generation and distribution.

Sorry Mr. Social Media Marketer, it doesn’t work that way. Profiles aren’t just for followers for Instagram to identify you. They are index-able contents that can have an influence in determining your ranking. Several third party sites gain brand information from social media profiles.

Google, in turn, compiles such entries to create standard formatting for local business. That reveals one thing; appropriately filling your social media profile can greatly enhance your search visibility and online accuracy.

Inbound Link Magic: Search engines mostly use two aspects in result rankings; authority and relevance.

Relevance, on one hand, focuses on how appropriate the given content matches the search query. Authority is all about credibility of the source. Authority is largely determined by inbound links. In essence, the greater the number of quality authority links pointing to you, the higher your site is likely to rank.

While the links on platforms like Twitter and Facebook might not influence organic rankings, their ripple effects definitely do. They have the ability to distribute relevant content to a larger audience. In effect, you can get quality authority links from such audience.

The charm of influencer marketing: Social media offers a platform for making new connections. It is where you build Instagram followers and Facebook page fans.

For a brand that is making its social media debut, you will realize that there are people who already have a great following and resounding reputation. You can work closely with such sources to publicize your highly optimized contents.

They will gain traction and eventual traffic to your website. Being able to attract users using such sources puts you in a better place of earning diversified SEO opportunities.

Conclusion: With SEO strategies and social media campaigns integrated together, brands can expect greater influence and enhanced brand awareness. Instead of focusing on social media marketing and SEO campaigns separately, the two should be incorporated to achieve better results.

Author Bio: Cindy Hawthorne is works with a California based SEO Agency. She has written several books on social media marketing, including best practices of gaining followers for Instagram.

How Dentists Can Gain Mileage From SEO Campaigns

By Maria Jones

Unlike doctors who have a wider scope of being employed, the majority of dentists are more likely to ply their trade at clinics that they work for or set up on their own.

Whatever may be the case, the clinics are akin to any other business establishments that have to rely on the powers of marketing for generating business and making it grow.

Against this backdrop, dental establishments have also to follow in the footsteps of other businesses and chart the SEO path that has become inevitable for existence.

How to prepare for the SEO campaign has been discussed in this post.

Seek professional help

Visibility of your business entity is what matters most in the digital age. Almost all decisions about buying or hiring services are taken only after consulting the search engines that seem to have an answer for anything and everything.

Your business entity has to be visible on the web most prominently so that it catches the attention of prospective buyers. Hire the services of SEO firms that have proven track record in assisting businesses.

From creation of website for your business like you would find at http://www.internetmarketingcompanies.com/dental-seo-seo-for-dentists-that-works/to planning and execution of the SEO campaign, you can depend on them for all kinds of services. Choose the company that has proven credentials and refer to reviews and references for authenticity of their claims before finalizing.

Blend it with public relations

Having an SEO marketing strategy in place is as much important as having a plan for public relations to take forward your marketing cause.

The purpose of developing public relations is to increase your exposure even beyond the scope of search engines. With the idea of building credibility and establishing media relationships for your business and website make use of one of the many PR tools that are available free on the internet.

Choose a tool that can link you to the media world where your business gets highlighted by virtue of building relationships with journalists and media persons.

Ensure greater outreach

Having the SEO campaign in place is only half the battle won. All kinds of initiatives have to be taken to ensure that you keep on increasing your outreach. It is a proactive step that has to be taken to augment the SEO efforts.

Instead of waiting to be seen, you have to make efforts of showing up to the target audience. Make use of automated tools that helps better management of workflow that can ultimately lead to engaging customers, converting them and also delighting them.

Closely monitor the SEO campaign

The SEO campaign progress has to be closely monitored.

You can make use of some software that will assist you in the tasks of monitoring. From tracking keyword rankings to informing you about back links that are available, you will have a tab on everything that is happening with the campaign.

Above all, leave no stone unturned in reaching out to people who can influence decisions of customers to make them turn them towards you.

About the author – Maria Jones is management expert and SEO consultant. She has been associated with companies like http://www.internetmarketingcompanies.com/dental-seo-seo-for-dentists-that-works/as an advisor.

She has worked for online marketing companies and has been responsible for executing many SEO projects across various industries. A part time lecturer in management institutes, she is also authored some books on digital marketing.

Lifestyle: The Best Fitness Apps To Look For In 2017

By Carla Adams

If you haven’t been able to reach your fitness goals even after doing all you can then you might be stuck in a fitness rut. Your exercises may have become repetitive causing your muscle growth to be stationary or your calorie intake may be limiting your mass gain.

Whatever the reason might be, one of the things you can do to pump up your fitness regime is to try some kickass apps that will put you on the right path to your fitness goals.

A recent study established that fitness app users were more active than non-users and had a lower body mass index. The authors of the study claimed that apps aided people in better understanding and organization that led to improved exercise habits amongst them. Over time these habits translated into transformative changes.

Regardless of being dedicated to our health and fitness, we value our phone’s storage space so we only want the best of the apps that will really yield results. We are seeing some great apps that have a lot of potential to unlock the strength, flexibility, and growth that we desire.

1. My Fitness Pal: Ranked as one of the best apps in the industry, my fitness pal comes with an easy to use step and calorie counter. The app boasts a database of more than 5 million foods, a nutrition scanner using barcode and a recipe importer. The apps gives its users the ease to track their food intake and calories regularly with great efficiency. Available for users of Android and iOS for free.

2. Map my fitness: Free for both Android and iOS audiences, Map my fitness has more than 600 fitness activities and it’s sync-able with over 400 devices giving its users a full understanding of their performance. App users can search about running routes near to them as well. The app saves data on pace, distance and calorie details for its location-based workouts which can then be used to set new personal goals.

Map my fitness community can further help people reach their goals by setting up challenges with friends to stay motivated. The app is also compatible with Apple watch and Android wear. There is a premium version as well that allows monitoring the rate of different heart zones.

3. Yonder: This free iOS and android app is a gem for travel and fitness lovers. Yonder allows users to find and share excursions based on your location and your interests. With their many categories ranging from biking to skiing, “Yonderers” can explore endless options and read reviews from other users about it before choosing the best one for them.

The app exists to inspire users to engage with nature and acts as a social platform where users can share experiences and photos.

4. Sworkit: Sworkit stands for ‘simply work it,’ and with 13 million users, this app is one of the most popular ones. It offers more than 200 different types of exercises demonstrated by professional trainers and it also has a specialized app just for kids. Users can follow standard workouts or create customized ones for themselves by choosing the length, the body area in focus, and other special needs or limitations.

The app smartly mixes up interval training along with other random exercises to make the most of every workout and inhibits the body from getting used to a certain routine.

5. Apptiv: For $10 a month Apptiv provides you audio-based personal fitness coaching services according to your demands and location. Through this app you can receive coaching on your trail runs outdoors or at your home yoga session. The trainers motivate you to keep up and going while relevant music lets you have fun as you sweat it out. The customized coaching ability sets this app apart from its competitors.

Apptiv is available for both android and iOS users.

6. ActiveX: ActiveX gives its users customized Tabata workouts, a special high-intensity training discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata. These workouts help increase strength, improve flexibility, and build muscle. Users can create packs or join them where they can communicate, organize group trainings and celebrate victories with pack members. The workouts are adjusted to the location of the users and to the equipment that they have.

They also have activities to keeps the kids engrossed.

7. Headspace: Free for android and iOS, Headspace helps users with a cluttered mind and lots of noise with finding some peace. Famous celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, moguls like Richard Branson and many great athletic stars use the app, along with 10 million other people. To start off, the free program introduces 10-minute meditations for ten days while the next level of meditations and mindful exercises can be unlocked through a subscription.

Apps are not just fun to use, they are also a great way to add new and interesting elements to your daily exercise routine so that you can reach your fitness goals faster! If there are any apps that you think you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment below!

Author Bio: Carla Adams is an enthusiastic dreamer and a workaholic to achieve that. She is a blogger, writer, basketball player, technology and fashion freak. For all the updates follow her on Facebook.

Video Games: ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Will Put Players in Captains Chair (VIDEO)

The fourth installment of the Mass Effect series, ‘Andromeda’ will be released on March 21st. And it looks to be a promising and exciting addition!

Instead of traveling to familiar worlds, players will be in the nearest large galaxy. You don’t know the people, customs, and dangers that wait. There are different worlds to explore. Some planets will have familiar features and terrains while others may have remnants of an ancient civilization.


While not on the level of popular first-person shooters such as ‘Halo’ or ‘Call of Duty’, what separates ‘Andromeda’ from those series is the ability to interact and explore new worlds along with some action to go along with it.

The best part of about this game is your role is different. Instead of being the hero of the Milky Way galaxy saving every advanced race from the reapers, you are an explorer first. Some of Andromeda’s races will perceive you as a conqueror.

The main mission is to find a new home for humanity and the other advanced races. The concept of the game is similar to both science fiction dramas Avatar and Star Trek Voyager. As an pathfinder, as your role is called in the game, you face the tough choices of making alliances and possibly making some unethical decisions for the sake of survival.


You may have to take the role of conqueror to achieve the ultimate objective of finding a new home. This game will give players the captains’ chair sort of feeling.

Bioware promised to deliver a different kind of Mass Effect game to players. It will be interesting to see if one of the most award winning video game franchises continues to win hearts and minds of its ever growing audience.

Looking for a Web Designer? How to Hire One and Not Get Burned!

By Evans Walsh

Finally, you have decided to act. You need a website for your small business or a complete overhaul of the existing one. That is a great idea.

However, not all of us are web designers. That means you will need someone to get the job done. 54% of small businesses look for external website designers. The real test comes in finding the right person for the task. How do you determine whether someone is fit for the job?

How do you ensure you end up with the right site for your business? How much is it likely to cost?

Define your needs

A business site can be as perfect as you want it to be. You should not rely on web designers to tell you what should be and what shouldn’t be on your site. You know your business and you know what it needs. Carry out your own research and only include the things you need. For microbusiness, a six-page website can do. This website should include;

· Homepage

· About Us

· Our Services

· Contact Us

· Testimonials/Reviews

· Event Page

To save yourself the stress of finding what to include, you can ask your peers or employees for help. Better still, you can use information from your customers and only include the basic pages they require.

Know your Budget

When it comes to seeking the services of a web designer, the service cost involved can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Just like in any other business sphere, the phrase ‘you only get what you pay for’ is applicable.

You start messing up the moment you start cutting the costs of essential elements in web design. However, that does not warrant spending a fortune on web design.

Carry out your research on key players in the industry, such as Las Vegas Web Design Co, and come up with a realistic budget. Most importantly, you should focus on ROI. Is the cost of designing the web going to reflect on the expected results?

If the web designer can answer that question and substantiate his claim, then you have reasons to hire him or her.

Demand Record of Accomplishment

A web designer is as good as the last few jobs he has done. Before settling on a particular web designer, you need to be convinced of his services. Can he provide you with samples of his previous works?

Do they look impressive?

It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the number of years he has been in practice. Instead, you should focus on finding someone who understands your industry and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a perfect website for your business. Provide the designer with two possible case studies and assess their approach to measuring results.

A good website can go a long way in enhancing brand awareness and boosting your revenues. That gives you every reason to be careful when looking for a web designer. Take your time, follow this guideline, and only hire an expert that guarantees satisfactory results.

Tech: Is Home Automation Lifestyle for Everyone?

By Adam Smith

Times are fast changing, and home automation has been at the forefront in improving how homeowners interact with their homes.

The increased use of linear actuators as used in automatic Table Lifts has made it possible to control various home devices from virtually anywhere.

It is interesting to see TV lifts that automatically pops out the cabinet or pops down from the ceiling when one what to watch something and go back one finishes watching.

Home automation is extensively applied in controlling lighting security systems, kitchen appliances, and garage doors, just to name a few.

Sit back and let me take you on a journey on how you can automate your home with a few smart devices.

Thermostat control

Gone are days that you had to be physically present in your home so as to regulate the temperature. Smart thermostats give you the comfort of remotely controlling your home virtually from anywhere.

If you are at your workplace or on vacation you can easily turn the air condition on or off, adjust the temperature or more conveniently have an automatic schedule that ensures that will have the perfect temperature every time.

Home security

Most are there times are the times you are forced to leave home in a hurry because you are getting to work or you are about to miss an important appointment or flight.

Once in our destination, it hits that you might have left the doors unlocked or did even set up the alarm. Worry no more. Smart security systems got your back.

Smart security products allow you to monitor your home, arm and disarm your alarm from virtually from anywhere keeping your home not only secure but under surveillance.

Multi-room Music

Smart home technology offers you smart audio capabilities that allow you to enjoy your favorites tunes from any room in your house in a more personalized manner. With smart audio receivers, you can change a song, adjust the volume or paused it with a click of a button.

Another amazing attribute is that you can play music selectively by having different music zones in your house. You can choose the specific rooms your house where you want to play the music or have the entire house as a single music zone.

How cool this?

Home lightning

Smart home technology can transform smartphone or tablet device into a portable light switch.

This capability will enable you to turn on and off lights, adjust the brightest, change color to suit your preferences or other occupants of various rooms in your house.

Automation of electrical devices

It is now possible to automate devices such as TVs, kitchen appliances or devices used in feeding pets. You can set automatic schedule when the TV pops from its cabinet or the time and the amount of food your pet will be taking on a daily basis.

Blind control

With smart blind controls, you can automatically schedule your blinds and curtains to open when it is hot preventing overheating and close when the ideal temperature has been attained and thus moderating interior house temperatures while at the same time saving on energy costs.

The fact that all these products can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, PC or a tablet means that homeowners can have tailored and convenient household experiences.

However, to achieve the perfect smart home, it is essential to have a complete knowledge of smart home needs. Given that there are plenty of smart home devices in the market, I recommend that you seek professional assistance so that you can achieve a smart home that is well integrated and simple to control as per your budget and smart home needs.

Tips To Create And Use Venn Diagram For Business Presentation

By David Jones

The more you play with visually superior elements; the better would be the aesthetic appeal of your PowerPoint Presentation template.

Using the right kind of diagrams and charts can improve the appearance of the presentation. Venn diagram, an effective analysis diagram, can be a great visual addition to your presentation template.

It is the perfect visualization tool to describe relationships between different sets or groups. It can also be used for creating intuitive graphics for the presentation you are working with.

It is the best option to create correlations between different groups.

It can also be used to describe different intersections between two or more groups available. The MS-PowerPoint makes it easier for the user to design Venn Diagrams using SmartArt Tool. Let us go through the best ways to get it done.

Creating Venn Diagrams in PowerPoint

You can find readymade Venn-Diagrams available through the presentation suite.

However, if you want to create a stylish and a unique Venn diagram, the SmartArt tool would be the best to get started. With this tool, you can provide a transparency effect and add the best colors to make things look more attractive.

You can also download Venn diagram template for your presentation purpose. However, that may or may not come with customization options.

Making Venn Diagrams using SmartArt tool

The SmartArt Tool in PowerPoint makes it easier to create and design Venn Diagrams. Simply add circles to the template slide. Remember, the total number of circles will depend on the number of groups you want to create the comparison analysis.

Add background color to each of the circles. However, do add a bit of transparency to each circle.

This will help in visualizing the interaction between each of the sets. Finally, you need to carry out the right alignment for the text to create the best interactive graphical representation.

In order to carry out the change, you can easily format the shapes by visiting their properties.

Looking for Third-party Professional Venn-Diagram Tools

If you are looking for professional tool kits to design Venn-Diagrams, search online. There are plenty such tools available to provide you with excellent and innovative Venn-Diagram designs.

However, you must consider the compatibility factor with MS-PowerPoint.

Venn Diagrams are excellent analytical tools to compare groups with different and common characteristics. If utilized properly, they can become integral elements in a corporate presentation.

Use them carefully to make your business presentation stand out tall among the crowd and create a long-lasting impression among the delegates and audiences present. Other important graphical analysis tools include Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Waterfall Chart, and Flow Chart.

You can also download readymade chart and graph templates, as per your project requirement, to minimize the effort of creating these diagrams manually.

However, manual creation opens a wide array of options to create things, as per your thought process.

Author Bio: David Jones is a PR manager and a presenter. He is also a regular columnist for educational blogs. In this article, he describes the various ways to use Venn diagram template for effective PowerPoint Presentation.