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Tech: 2017’s Android Takeover Case

By Rachael Everly It seems today that mobile is becoming more important than desktops for internet and applications. Last year’s stats from the industry revealed that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, for the first time ever, exceeded in traffic than from desktops. The data put out by StatCounter showed that mobile devices accounted for […]

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iPhone: What we want out of Apple’s next smartphone.

With the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone approaching, Apple will also look to launch this year’s iteration of their smartphone. Whether they call it the iPhone 7s, or iPhone 8, or totally rename it with a new launch it will be a huge step forward. Apple has been criticized as of late for their […]

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The Most Annoying Mobile Games Ever Invented

There are mobile games that are funny. There are others that are completely immersive. There are those that keep your competitive spirit alive. And then there is that special kind of mobile game that is almost like it was made to stress the living spirit out of the player. Below you can find a handful […]

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Apple: Find The Coolest Designs For Your 6s Plus

When it came to the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple put most of its creative powers into designing a truly capable phone. Its 64-bit A9 chip is a technological wonder that easily powers the new iOS 9 and all of the apps that make Apple phones the best. The crystal clear display and astounding camera gives […]

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Business: Six Ways To Conquer Facebook With Your Company Page

So what really works with Facebook? People are always confused about what “to-do list” will make their company Facebook page start growing, and we’re here to tell you that really doesn’t happen like you’d think. There are plenty of people and companies out there that will tell you that their ‘program’ or instructions will lead […]