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Tech: How Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

By Jessica Oaks Getting there is half the fun, right? These days, maybe. From bone-jarring stage coach rides to the ear splitting air travel of the 1960s, traveling has historically been something we endured in order to get to our destinations. Now it’s something we do regularly and in moderate comfort even when first class […]

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Smart Apps: Saving Grace or Minions of the Devil?

By Andrea Bell There is absolutely no doubt that apps are the future, but the question arises when one considers the dark side of it. There aren’t many posts on the internet that highlight the negative point of view of smart apps compared to those who brag about them. We cannot deny the fact that […]

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Tech: Get the Pros When You Outsource Component Inspection

By Jason Freure Today’s manufacturing realities can be frustrating: budgets get smaller and deadlines get tighter. How are you supposed to balance quality, personnel limitations, equipment costs, and deadlines? When it comes to the inspection department, outsourcing coordinate measuring machine services can help you overcome budget restrictions, bottlenecks, or complicated dimensions. Metrology shops keep the […]

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iPhone or IPHONE?: What’s In A Name?

By: Samual Li Recently, a stunning court case involving Apple and Xintong Tiandi has caused shockwaves throughout the technology world.  In 2007, Xintong Tiandi branded their products of phone cases and bags with the term “IPHONE”. Two years later in 2009, Apple started to sell the iPhone. Apple has spent countless money for a number […]

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Tech: Your biggest hack to efficient and effective Automobile Inventory Management!

By Andrea Joy The world has become a pretty fast paced one. Here, nobody wants to stop, rather nobody has the luxury to stop. In this fast paced world, which was moving at the speed of knots, there was something which was not moving only and was rather creeping at the speed of a snail […]

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Auto: Top New Car Tech For 2016

By Patrick Vernon New cars have been described as ‘tech treasure chests on wheels’ as even models in the lower reaches of manufacturers’ ranges bristle with the sort of safety and comfort equipment unimaginable a few short years ago. More power from smaller engines, lighter weight models, collision avoidance systems and partial self-driving tech is […]

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Business: New NFL-Twitter Partnership Gives Birth To New Media-Sports Juggernaut

After an uneventful off-season involving concussions and the retirement of Peyton Manning, the NFL scored its biggest touchdown Tuesday. In what may be considered a landmark deal in today’s era of social media, Twitter won the bid to stream ten of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games for free during the upcoming 2016-17 season. In […]

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Tech: Streaming Services Prompting People To Cut The Cord

By Jessica Oaks Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, YouTube, Showtime Anytime—if you’ve ever used any of these services you’re not alone. In fact, you’re with a rising majority of cord cutters (aka, those who are opting out of traditional cable). In a time where mobile devices reign and speedy connection is expected, it’s no surprise that […]

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Samsung Galaxy S7: Samsung Delivers World’s First Dual-Pixel Smartphone Camera

By Blaine Kelton Thanks to the influx of (and focus on) photo- and video-sharing apps, smartphone cameras have become more important than ever to consumers. As a result, it’s typically a pretty big deal on the tech front whenever one of the bigger players in the mobile game decides to up the visual ante. Well, […]

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Media: 5 Fresh New Ways To Market To Your Audience Via Mobile Messaging

By Sophorn Chhay Have you ever noticed how much marketing is like politics? You have your talking points with everyone repeating those same talking points over and over again. To the point where people are so sick of the same old rhetoric that you just start to block it all out. Then you find yourself […]