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How to Master Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social media can boost the interest of different audiences with every product, and as a business owner, you may consider using social media marketing as a mode to get the word out about your business. The statistics for how many users are on social media daily are staggering, for example, there are 1.4 billion users […]

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Public Domain vs. Private Domain—What To Choose?

Having a registered domain name is a prerequisite when starting an e-commerce store. A domain name is a sequence of letters separated by periods (“.”) that point to a unique IP address. This address is what identifies your website from every other website on the Internet. When you register a domain name, you own that […]

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Tech: Top 5 Ways to Gamify Your Fitness Goals

There are more than enough reasons to increase your physical fitness, but staying on track with your goals can be hard. By utilizing trackable technology, people are improving their lifestyles. With the invention of wearable technology, individuals are encouraged to engage in healthy behavior. We all have fitness goals, especially after the New Year, but […]

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A Guide to Creating Compelling and Engaging Social Media Posts (Infographic)

Businesses should be aiming to post social media content that readers can engage with; once you have the reactions of the audience and find out what they like or dislike. You can use this information to create smarter business decisions. You will also build a stronger relationship with your target audience, which is great for […]

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Blogging: Optimize Your Joomla Website with These Great SEO Extensions

Joomla is a content management system that helps in developing an amazing user-friendly website powered with appealing graphics and smooth animations. Having your Joomla website well functioning is good, but in order to make the most of it, you must optimize your site for the major search engines such as Google. Without the presence of […]

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Technology: 67 Amazing Facts About Drupal (Infographic)

Drupal is a great content management system listed on Best Website Builder, it is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among users. Well, a lot has been written about its security and features, below are a few major fun facts about Drupal: 1) Drupal’s origin The founder during a domain search misselt the Dutch word for […]

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Social Media: The Exponential Growth of Business Blogging

By Josh Wardini We are living in a generation of bloggers, of people and companies that are passionate about sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world through the medium of written text. Blog topics range massively, from independent writers documenting their own life to global businesses offering tips and guidance to those interested. The […]