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Social Media: 5 Reasons Small Businesses Must Invest in SEO Services

By Sujain Thomas Search engine optimization (SEO) is largely misunderstood, especially among small businesses and startups. While everyone is in agreement on the importance of an online presence to leverage this growing market, there is a lot of contention when it comes to SEO. The fact that most SEOs don’t take time to elaborate on […]

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How the 2016 Election turned Social Media into a war zone

The 2016 Election is finally over and the winner is Donald Trump. Was it a surprise? To some, it was but to those in the know it shouldn’t be a shock. America has been headed this way for years and after having an African-American in office for eight years what did you expect? You still wanted everything to […]

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How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business

By Sophron Chhay With business being highly competitive, you always want to make sure you stay on top of the hottest trends and strategies. Mobile marketing has been on fire with its efficiency and versatility. Using SMS marketing provides the fastest way to contact customers for an affordable price. See how SMS could help your […]

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Facebook: Do’s and dont’s of dating on the social network

The internet has become the new age bar, library, restaurant or any place else one might normally meet a member of the opposite/same sex. It easy to sit at work, log on to the hundreds of dating sites, scroll thru a profile and send a message, wink or whatever. Now, sites like Tinder and Match […]

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Social Media: How SEO Can Be Impacted by Social Signals

By Sujain Thomas Despite the many doubts cast on how social media like Instagram and Facebook have an impact on SEO, it cannot be denied that the ultimate aim of both is the same – driving in new customers. While search engines may ensure that social media signals do not affect website rankings directly, it […]

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Smart Apps: Saving Grace or Minions of the Devil?

By Andrea Bell There is absolutely no doubt that apps are the future, but the question arises when one considers the dark side of it. There aren’t many posts on the internet that highlight the negative point of view of smart apps compared to those who brag about them. We cannot deny the fact that […]