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How Big Data can Fuel your Online Business

Data analysis can often become a cumbersome endeavour, especially when you’re simply looking to generate new insights or are simply trying to build an overall picture of the performance of your online business. With endless amounts of data structured into rows and columns in Excel spreadsheets, data analysis can be a mundane and time-consuming task. […]

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Tips and Tricks: How To Get The Best Selfie Possible

Getting the right selfie is nearly impossible, whether it’s finding the right angle or the best lighting, either way, the struggle is real. Then you add which filters to use is also complicate matters as you’re looking for the best possible shot to post. Instagram now has over 800 million monthly active users. Whether it’s […]

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Social Media: How To Deal With Fake News and Yellow Journalism

The term “fake news” means the dissemination of false information in media and social networks. Fake news is created for the purpose of manipulating people and spread because of the thirst for power. Often, they are based on prejudice and are specially made so that it is difficult to distinguish them from real news. The […]

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Marketing: 10 Tips For A Successful Social Media Campaign During Mobile App Development

Marketing on social media is one of the most effective means of promoting a business or brand. Each day, millions of people surf social media platforms to source for information, link up with friends, or just spend their leisure time. Facebook, which is arguably the most popular social media platform, has more than 2 billion […]

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Dating: How to Make Online Relationships Work!

Relationships are hard, which is a reality most people would not argue. Online relationships can be even harder. Now, no one is saying the road will be easy, but the following will help improve your chances. High-Voltage Communication: Of course, one ingredient of a health relationship is communication. Part of the reason this is important […]

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Online Dating Fraud: Five Ways To Know How To Identify Fake Dating Profiles

Dating sites may be the best sites to meet adults online, but that doesn’t make them safe or completely free from issues. Fake dating profiles are unfortunately very prevalent, for whatever reason. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you have found yourself on a fake dating profile. 1. The words make no sense: There’s […]

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Social Media: The New Snapchat Update, How To Use It And What’s Going To Happen

One of the most popular social networks – Snapchat recently had a new update. Its biggest redesign since the app launched in 2011. Not everyone is happy about this change. What’s going to happen? Few weeks back, the tech company split the app into two sections. Friend content is consolidated on the left side, and […]

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Why 2018 Is The Year Of The Rise Of Athleisure And Social Network Marketing

2018 is set to be an interesting year for fashion and the internet. In fact, these two industries appear to be joining forces and complementing each other for mutual gain. We are witnessing an increase in the use of athleisure fashion, and also the rise of the social networking platform Instagram as a marketing tool. […]

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Social Media: Facebook to Broadcast MLB Games

Leave it to Facebook to try something cutting edge and innovative. The social media giant announced last month it plans to broadcast 25 Major League Baseball games this coming season. Per, “Facebook had tied up with MLB last year to air 20 of the league’s games live.” “The first broadcast will be the match […]

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Social Media: Basic Steps to Boost Your Fashion Blog’s Instagram Account for Better Engagement and More Followers!

Instagram has rapidly outgrown its first impression of being just a funphoto-sharing app for youngsters only. Today, it has graduated successfully to an effective audience-building, networking, and content marketing tool for both brands and individuals. It is certainly one of the most popular and hot favorite social media platforms with over 800 million active monthly […]