Cameron Monaghan
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Gotham: Welcome Back Cameron Monaghan

Oh boy is it good to see Cameron Monaghan back on Gotham! Everyone’s favorite villain on the hit FOX show, Jerome Valeska, has officially made his return in last night’s episode, entitled “Smile Like You Mean It”. With his return, Monaghan has brought plenty of intrigue back to the show, opening up a plethora of potential […]

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Empire: Top 5 best performances from the hit show

When you think of the show Empire the first thing that should come to your mind is music. The acting is decent and the storylines could surely use some direction but the essence of the show is still the sound. As I sat down to write this I went through every performance Empire had to […]

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones: Will Cersei Lannister Survive Season 7?

Following the conclusion of the Game of Thrones season six finale, it was Cersei Lannister that was sitting on the Iron Throne. With her son Tommen committing suicide following Cersei’s masterplan of blowing up half of King’s Landing, it was clear she was well on her way to Mad Queen status. So while it may be good […]

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Scandal: Why didn’t Olivia Pope run for President?

Politics are rough. It’s a business where your past is never left in the past but one good speech could turn your mistakes into something great. This is where the writers of Scandal made their mistake.  With President Fitzgerald Grant on his way out the nation is looking for another leader. The candidates are his […]

the blacklist
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The Blacklist: How will Mr. Kaplan get her revenge?

The question has been lingering ever since Red shot her. “How will Mr. Kaplan get her revenge”? I wish I knew but something tells me that The Blacklist is about to have an epic showdown. That scene of Red shooting one of his closest friends was the actual beginning of Red’s downfall. He has killed many, […]

chicago fire
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Chicago Fire: Will Gabby and Matt ever get that happy ending?

For the life of me, I cannot understand what the writers of Chicago Fire are doing with Matt and Gabby. It took them forever to finally make their relationship work and when they did, they lost a baby, broke up, fostered another child and then lost him to the birth parent who appeared out of […]

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The one major problem with The Flash on The CW

As superheroes dominate the big screen and our tv channels they face more and more of a challenge. Can the writers come up with a way of keeping the show exciting and fresh without straying too far from the original character? As far as comic book shows go, I can honestly say I don’t mind […]