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Arrow: The greatest battle in show’s history is set to begin against Prometheus on Lian Yu

Season 5 of Arrow started out slow with Oliver not wanting to bring in any new recruits after old members left. As Felicity begged, Oliver backed away until he realized he needed help. What we were left with a rag-tag group of everyday people that came together and gave Oliver a new purpose. It took a while […]

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist: If Mr. Kaplan has final say, Liz will be forced to kill her father Raymond Reddington

What an explosive two-part Season 4 finale that was Thursday night. However, in typical The Blacklist fashion, not everything was solved or even explained. A few things we were able to be cleared up. We finally got the truth that Raymond Reddington is Elizabeth Keen’s father. Another was the demise of Mr. Kaplan. As a fan of […]

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Will the ABC new show Deception be better than Castle?

With the renew/cancellations of TV shows already out, in comes the new players into the Primetime slot. ABC has had plenty of success over the years with shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away with Murder and more, however, it’s a past show that has left a hole in loyal viewers hearts. Since ABC had to abruptly end […]

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Arrow: Why Is Oliver Not Suspicious Of Chase’s Easy Surrender?

This has arguably been one of the better seasons of the CW’s hit show, Arrow. While many were disappointed in a lackluster season four, season five has gone back to the darker, grittier tone that fans love. As a fan of all the Arrowverse shows, I have found myself looking forward to Wednesday nights more than […]

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Network Television: Fall’s Canceled shows.

All good things come to an end. Luckily for viewers, the things that aren’t so good come to an end a lot quicker. With the latest seasons of cancellations, tv networks look to bring a better viewing experience going into 2017-2018 seasons. Some shows made the cut to the delight of fans. Others were ended […]

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars: What if A.D. is actually helping the girls?

Let’s take a moment to think about what’s really happening on Pretty Little Liars. So far we know that ‘Endgame’ is here as the girls received a gift in the form of a game board from A.D. While the girls are all worried about the possible deadly outcome if they lose, they have failed to realize […]

agents of shield
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Agents of SHIELD: Is Ghost Rider Going To Survive The Season Four Finale?

Time is running down on many television shows and their current seasons. One show that is set to end its fourth season this Tuesday is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The show was just renewed for a fifth season, meaning that we are guaranteed at least one more go-round with Coulson, Fitz, May and the crew. That […]