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Can Queen Latifah and Star upstage Empire?

When Empire entered the world of television it was seen as a shot in the arm. Another high-profile show with big name actors and a big production budget but, this time it was geared towards the African-American community and not a show like 24. While Empire has had its fair share of ups and down, […]

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Why The Good Fight will be better than The Good Wife

When The Good Wife ended I was left in awe. It was as if they forgot there was a core audience that followed the show through it’s up and downs and instead of rewarding us with a proper ending, it pulled a page from the LOST handbook. A year after The Good Wife ended it’s […]

greys anatomy
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Grey’s Anatomy: Who had the best relationship?

When it comes to TV romances, Grey’s Anatomy has provided viewers with some of the best ones. For doctors. there are long hours spent in the hospital which forces bonds and one night stands to happen at the work place. What has ensued over the years has been both steamy, dreamy and heartbreaking to say […]

pretty little liars
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Pretty Little Liars: End Game must be better than Lost and How I Met Your Mother

Pretty Little Liars has a chance to end their successful run on a high note when the series concludes in 2017. While that may sound easy, in TV it almost never is. Remember Lost and How I Met Your Mother?  Those were two highly successful shows with huge followings but the ending of each series […]

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Westworld: 5 Possible Worlds We Could See in Season 2

I know I’m a little late to the Westworld party, but after not watching it as it aired, I am now officially done with the hit HBO’s first season. After a few nights of watching Dolores, Teddy and Bernard, I can honestly say I think I have a new favorite show on HBO. Westworld is not a show […]

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Pretty Little Liars Rumors: Are the leaked 7B spoilers true?

As we draw to a close in the Pretty Little Liars series there have been countless rumors and theories as to how the show will end. Loyal fans have stalked the Twitter account of creator I. Marlene King in hopes that she will provide just a bit of insight as to what End Game will […]

grey's anatomy
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Grey’s Anatomy: This is Alex Karev’s season to shine

Raise your hand if you hated Justin Chambers character Alex Karev when Grey’s Anatomy first aired. How could you not? He was brash, bold, a rebel and just a complete a**hole. While characters were forming groups, it was easy to see why he was considered the Black Sheep of the herd.  Karev bent and broke […]