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Pretty Little Liars: When is the real Alison coming back?

For almost seven seasons I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars and thought Alison was by far the smartest teenager this side of Doogie Howser, but since she returned from “the dead”, she has been more Cole (Martin) than the character we grew to hate then love again. It’s as if the writers forgot they were putting lines […]

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Marvel: Bringing the Runaways to Hulu is a mistake

Marvel is bringing another one of their comic book properties to life. This time, it will come in the form of the Runaways, and the show will air on Hulu. The show marks the latest advancement of the expanding MCU, which is short for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for those who do not know. The […]

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8: Theories, questions and confusion

Episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 aired Tuesday night and started with a bang. Nicole just may be alive, and it has some distance between Aria and Ezra. Emily is interested in becoming the swim coach for Rosewood High, but there’s a problem, Hanna gets a visit from an old friend, Spencer is still channelling […]

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Entertainment: Power finally had its The Wire moment

After 2.5 seasons it finally happened, Power has put itself on the path of The Wire. Throughout the shows existence I’ve waited patiently as the dominoes were taken out the box and lined up, just waiting for the right moment to be knocked down and on Sunday night it finally happened with one scene. The […]

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Has Scandal lost its luster?

By now we understand the hype surrounding ABC’s Scandal. A work first career women leave hew job at the White Hose to open her own business as a Crisis Management expert with a team of Gladiators at her disposal, hiding from the public when it’s obvious that she and her team are the real ones that […]

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Barack Obama: After Presidential Term Will There Be A Reality Show?

Everyone has one; TV Networks are fighting for the next big breakout show and what will be bigger than a show centered around Barack Obama and his family? Yes, I know it may be a stretch but can you imagine a camera following the former president around as he deals with life after the White […]

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Batman: Will the Dark Knight ever join the Arrowverse?

The CW is home of some of the best superhero themed television shows out there today. Things got started back in 2012, when ‘Arrow’ debuted, with Stephen Amell portraying the title hero Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. Then in season two, the show introduced Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. This was the […]