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ABC Fall TV Lineup: 5 must see shows

It’s that time of the year where the major networks put their new fall TV lineups on display. ABC Fall TV Lineup is still one of the best in the business with returning shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Quantico. But not to be outdone they have a slew of new shows that […]

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The Big Bang Theory: Why should I watch this show?

From my understanding, CBS has had a hit show on their hands for the past nine seasons, but it’s a show I’ve never sat down and watched. What makes The Big Bang Theory so interesting? Would it really be in my best interest to sit and watch what looks like a bunch of nerds talk physics […]

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Suits: How USA Network worked its magic on season 6

USA Network aired its midseason Suits finale Wednesday night and to say it was possibly the best episode of the season would be an understatement. But Season 6 was far different from the others and for that alone, it will go down as the best 10 episodes of the series. With Mike being locked up for fraud, The […]

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Shameless: Will we see the return of bad Carl?

Last season on Shameless, one of the Gallaghers began to transform his life. After returning from prison to start the season, he was still into illegal activity, but following the murder of a young boy at the hands of his friend Nick, this Gallagher came to the conclusion he needed to turn his life around. He […]

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Grey’s Anatomy: Why ABC’s hit has chance to become longest running TV show

There are certain shows that hit the airwaves and you have no idea how they will do the first time you watch, but by the end of that first episode, you are hooked. The shelf life for a show is normally 5-7 seasons as either the Networks find a new hot challenge or one of the […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Chicago Fire’s Monica Raymund is the sexiest firefighter

To put your life on the line every day for others is a GOD-given sense of love that only select few have. On NBC’s Chicago Fire, actress Monica Raymund does it every week. She started out as a paramedic but busted her tail until she made Truck. While her relationship with Matt may be rocky […]

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Pretty Little Liars: Top 5 characters over 7 seasons

It’s been seven seasons, seven seasons of mysteries, intrigue, love, lost, happiness, murder and just about any other emotion you can imagine. Pretty Little Liars has made me, a 40-year-old African-American male a believer and I have no plans of going anywhere. Throughout the years we were introduced to a slew of characters that have graced […]