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Suits: Will Mike Ross end up working for Robert Zane?

With Mike Ross now out of prison, he must find his way in the world with a conviction now attached to his resume. As Suits enters the second half of their 6th season the lawyers will face an uphill battle but none more than Mike. In She’s Gone Mike turned down Harvey’s job offer as […]

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Conviction had hard time filling the shoes of Castle

Right about now the head execs at ABC must be kicking themselves for letting Conviction go this far. Yes, I know they didn’t order the back 9 episodes of the new investigation show but they had high hopes. When it was announced that ABC had produced a new crime show to replace the popular Castle […]

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Scandal: 3 Questions after Season 6 premiere

The new season of Scandal premiered with a few punches to the gut. As expected there was plenty of drama and lots of blame to go around. But, I hope you weren’t expecting to get all your questions answered and the issues to be resolved in the first 60 minutes, were you? Sorry, but that’s […]

the mick
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The Mick is a modern day version of Married with Children

Fox has another hit on their hands with The Mick. For those that have yet to see the new comedy, here is a quick rundown of what you should expect. This is not your 30 Rock, Seinfeld of Friends type of show. The Mick is a slap you in the face, kick you while your down and […]

pretty little liars
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Pretty Little Liars: Aria is the one with the biggest secret

You can go back and watch Pretty Little Liars 10 times over and over and each time you will see something different. The show is great but it will drive you insane trying to figure out all the little clues that are scattered throughout the first 6.5 seasons. But, that’s the beauty of it. As […]

Cameron Monaghan Carnage
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Gotham: Welcome Back Cameron Monaghan

Oh boy is it good to see Cameron Monaghan back on Gotham! Everyone’s favorite villain on the hit FOX show, Jerome Valeska, has officially made his return in last night’s episode, entitled “Smile Like You Mean It”. With his return, Monaghan has brought plenty of intrigue back to the show, opening up a plethora of potential […]

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Empire: Top 5 best performances from the hit show

When you think of the show Empire the first thing that should come to your mind is music. The acting is decent and the storylines could surely use some direction but the essence of the show is still the sound. As I sat down to write this I went through every performance Empire had to […]