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Video Games: Which are the Best Three Characters of Grand Theft Auto V

Almost every person who is a gamer knows about Grand Theft Auto V. If you are new, do not worry in this article you are going to know a lot about it. Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V, was first released in September 2013 for PlayStation 3. When it was released, it became […]

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Tech: The Link between Technology and Gaming

The history of video games goes back to 1947. Ever since then, computer games have changed considerably in terms of technological, social, and economic sense. All these changes happened because of “technology”. Sometimes games gave way to technology, and sometimes technology showed the way for games. But these two systems have always supported each other. […]

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Tech: The Boldest Video Gaming Trends for 2018 Revealed

The latest Tokyo Games Show took the gaming world by surprise when Sony Interactive Entertainment announced many of its upcoming releases at a press conference while it was also confirmed that Final Fantasy 9 will soon be available for PS4 in Japan. Great video gaming developers like Sony obviously will be making the headlines long […]

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Tech: Awesome Gadgets For Video Game Lovers

Irrespective of the age, we all have the gamer inside us. If you too are one of those who loves and enjoys gaming, then this is what you can try for modifying your gaming room. Gaming is all about the gadgets that you are using. No doubt the sitting adjustments, cabinets, seats are additional factors […]

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Destiny 2 Beta Review: More of the Same

When I first started downloading the Destiny 2 beta and saw a hefty 15 GB download my initial thought was that this would be a long few days of playing missions and PvP. Yet the beta is small, containing two Crucible modes, the multiplayer, and two missions. The first mission, Homecoming, intros the game and […]

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Games We Want: Spider-Man (2018)

With almost every new Spider-Man movie, comes a Spider-Man game. This year will be no different. As Spider-Man: Homecoming is just a few short weeks away, the video game isn’t too far behind. Marvel’s Spider-Man, a Playstation exclusive, is set to drop in the early stages of 2018. With a new gameplay trailer being released […]

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Games We Want: God of War (2018).

One of the more fun and fascinating games to hit the market has been the God of War franchise. At its core, it’s your typical hack-and-slash video games with gratuitous violence. At times the franchise has lacked excitement in storytelling but never depth of the story. The central plot of taking down the Greek gods […]