Nikki Marie: Q and A With Fashion and Alternative Model

Edgy. Taboo. Risqué. Daring. These are some of the words that would be used when describing tattooed, inked, pierced or “alternative” models. In an industry that values a certain look for various brands, no other artistic and creative realm has changed and evolved as much as modeling. By itself, modeling has grown from the petite […]


Allison Liselotte DuBois: Q & A With Italian Glamour and Photo Model

Rome, Italy. Roma, The Eternal City, these are some of the names that the storied and beautiful capital of Italy—and the cradle for Western civilization–have been called. Birthplace of the Roman Empire, home of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See, Rome is one of the most important cities in all the world, whether […]


Lapis Lazuli: Q &A With Berlin’s Hottest Inked & Alternative Model

Berlin, Germany. The present-day capital of Germany and one-time Cold War city of political intrigue, espionage and proverbial dividing point between the East and the West, has emerged from the war-torn ruins of it’s shady past and into a modern-day cosmopolitan mecca of creativity and high-tech savvy. With a population of roughly three and a […]

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Bree Warren: Q and A With Plus-Size Modeling’s Newest Game-Changer

In the modeling world, as in all things, trends come in go. If there is no industry that is more fickle, constantly changing and always looking for the next big thing, it is modeling. In an industry that values body types, looks and visual presentation, modeling is like the proverbial chameleon of always changing. Whether […]


Kim Shire: Q and A With Beantown Bombshell Model and Actress

Brash. Whipsmart. Knowledgeable. Passionate. These are the adjectives that best describe Boston and their rabid sports fans. Whether it is going down to Yawkey Way to see their beloved Boston Red Sox over at the TD Waterhouse Garden to watch the Celtics or Bruins or take a short drive out to Foxboro to see the […]

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Beauty: Soft Skin Is So Easy With These Skin Care Tips

By Melissa Mellie A soft and supple skin is desired by women of every age group. But, the pursuit to achieve and then maintain it is nothing more than a battle to be fought every single day. Though there is no guaranteed method to permanently turn back the clock; however, there are ways to slow […]

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Alexis Johnson: Q and A With Fitness and Bikini Model

In the world of entertainment and modeling, there is non-stop attention, social and public pressure—and thanks to social media—constant scrutiny on how one looks, the number of Instagram followers that they have or the brand that they try to project. Yet for all the glitz and glamour that come with being in such a spotlight, […]