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Party Moms: It’s Time to Grow Up!

Party moms; we all know one. You know, the mom that forgets she’s a mom. The one who unlike most, didn’t change her priorities when she entered motherhood. The mom who plasters social media with pictures of her partying with her friends. Will she ever grow up? Sometimes, these party moms are also the ones […]

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Santos Stunner! Q and A With Brazilian Fashion and Commercial Model, Amanda Gomes Dos Santos

Santos, Brazil. Some can this southeastern Brazilian seacoast town the ‘Miami of Brazil’ due to it’s scenic and simply gorgeous location. And in some ways, both cities are like, yet different at the same time. Home to the Coffee Museum and the storied soccer club that helped launch the career of futbol’s greatest player ever […]

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Interviews and Features: Q and A With Madd’s Mother and Daughter Duo, Sue and Imani Evans

They say that the special bond between mother and daughter is a special one that goes beyond parent and child. Much like the special bond between father and son, the mother-daughter bond is one that has a lot of unique assets. Learning about the birds and the bees, talking about your first kiss, first boyfriend […]

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Homemade Face Rejuvenation Masks Everyone Can Try

A quality day at a spa can make all the difference. However, it’s a fact that professional facials are bound to cost you more than you might want to spend. Don’t stress out about it though, because you can make use of the benefits of a skin-soothing mask by using the ingredients that you have […]

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Style: The On and Off Going Trends in the Fashion World

Fashion houses spend a lot of time and money to make or predict a latest upcoming fashion trend or style and set out the motion for the people to uplift its hype and glamour. However, trends no longer dictate any particular style as designers try to find the missing link in the fashion style, whether […]

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Beauty: Getting Rid Of Eczema Scars Permanently

By Linda Bryce We have all been waiting for a way to get rid of eczema scars permanently and quickly. We are tired of using concealers and primers to keep the scars hidden. Using makeup commands regular touchups and medical consultation since it can potentially worsen the itch. We need a long-term solution that will […]

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Oh La La! Q and A With France’s Hottest Import In Commercial Model Alice Detolleanaere

La campagne. As the French call it, the French countryside is a breathtaking sight to behold. From old Roman castles, plush plains, streaming rivers and small quaint villages to the Swiss Alps, towns such as Lyon, Bayeux, Rousillon, Chamonix and Colmar offer a wide range of scenic canals, mountain views and small villages that will quickly […]