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Stylish and Sophisticated: Fashionable Guide For Women In Their 30’s

By Janis Walker Having a great sense of style is essential for women in their 30’s. At the age of 30, this is the time when careers of most women are hitting the road, they have more procuring capability than before, and they are at least pursuing the concept of settling down. 30s is also […]

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HCG Diet: How It Magically Lowers Weight!

By Gracy Liura When it comes to the HCG Diet, there’s a lot of questions regarding how it works, and how true are the effects when it comes to anabolic functionality. In stark comparison to other fad diets which seem to operate on the reverse approach to weight loss and body fitness, the HCG diet […]

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Women: Five Hottest Female Athletes in Sports Today

By Anabel Cooper Female athletes have been setting new benchmarks in their respective sports. It is a difficult job to compile a list of the top five hottest female athletes in the world since many of them have achieved great performances and are constantly aiming higher. Here are the top five. Camila Giorgi Tennis often […]

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Beauty: 10 Home Remedies for Common Skin Problems

The American Academy of Dermatology notes the skin is actually the largest organ in the human body. So, no wonder it seems so sensitive to insects, the elements and life itself! In fact, the skin is like a living shield that protects the rest of the body. But when the skin repels a threat, discomfort […]

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Beauty: Q and A with British Make-Up Artist, Naomi Louise

Wish fall now here, it is time for women everywhere to take their makeup and beauty game to another level. Whether it is applying the hottest new blush, eyelashes or lipstick colors, there are a lot of options and ideas out there for ladies looking to step their makeup game. Thanks to social media platforms […]

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Viva Colombiana! Q and A With Colombian Fashion and Lingerie Model, Natalia Adrada

Colombia. Not even a quarter century ago, the mere mention of the South American country evoked images of former drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, cocaine flooding American streets and being the centerpiece in America’s War on Drugs. Coffee and cocaine ruled Columbia, and unless you were part of the many drug cartels that ran around freely, […]

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Beauty: 5 Ways To Get Through To Your Glowing and Elastic Skin

By Sofia Fernandise There’s no uncertainty about it, glowing skin is the main need on everybody’s excellence plan for the day. In any case, at this moment, you may be stressed that you don’t have especially sound skin and need to make a move. Sleep straight Your most solid option for smoother, without wrinkle skin […]