Anais Bessege: Q and A With Glamour Model

As in all such things, especially in the world of modeling, there is always that one fresh face that has yet to be discovered. If there is one country that has produced its fair share of runway beauties, it is France. For all the long-held stereotypes that us Americans have about the French, in being […]


Jelena Purcz: Q and A with Fashion and Bikini Model

For what seems to be an eternity, Germany has produced some of the finest women to ever walk the planet. Notable models such as Heidi Klum, Diane Kruger, Claudia Scheffer, Lena Gercke, and Julia Stegner, the Father Land seems to naturally churn out beauties on a regular basis. In what is seemingly becoming a new […]

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Why Victoria’s Secret should be boycotted

As large as Victoria’s Secrets are you would think they would be blind to sexism. But they have failed and failed miserably in that department. By their accounts, women are sex objects. A piece of meat to sell products when they are no better than Donald Trump or rap music. They glorify a certain reputation […]

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Beauty: Stop Doing This To Your Skin Right Now!

By Melissa Mellie What is your skincare routine like? Are you getting the results you want? Well, a close observation of how well your skin has fared in the last few years can say the whole truth. You may not have realised or are very well unaware of your mistakes that are leading your skin […]

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Samantha Marie McDougal: Q and A With Model/Lifestyle Blogger

In what was a truly monumental day appropriately called “Title Tuesday”, that saw the Cleveland Cavaliers raise their first-ever NBA championship banner and the next door neighbor Cleveland Indians go up 1-0, with a 6-0 victory, before bowing out in seven games to the heavily-favored Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series, everything is truly […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Michelle Obama brought class to the White House

Please forgive me Barack Obama for having a crush on your wife but when you look at it, it’s really your fault. Why didn’t you marry an eye sore like Barbara Bush or a mud duck like my next door neighbor? No, you had to go out and get the finest women you could find […]


Family, Work, and Personal Life: 7 Ways Moms Balance Everything

By Barrack Diego There is no denying this. Motherhood is the toughest yet the most rewarding job ever. However, to get through your toughest days, there are hurdles that you must cross.  A lot of patience and hard work, persistence and more patience is needed to get work done at home, in the workplace, and […]