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Fitness Focus! Q and A With Fashion and Fitness Model, Anya Petrychenko

Mykolaiv, Ukraine. A quiet and seemingly peaceful town on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine, Mykolaiv is the main ship building center of the country, as it is also an important transportation junction of Ukraine. With a population of close to 500,000, the shipbuilding center has long been an area of significant transportation importance since […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Farewell to the beautiful ladies of Pretty Little Liars

The clock has almost run out and it’s time that we bid farewell to the six women that have forever changed the way we watch TV. While the audience is mostly made up of teens, adults will never know what they have missed along the way. I was fortunate enough to get hooked early on […]

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Opinion: How The Daily Beast’s Jenna Jameson Article Defines “Fake News”

The Daily Beast published an article  about Jenna Jameson’s “transformation” into a vocal political Twitter user who voices her support for Israel and her opposition to Islam. The idea behind such a piece is to interview Jameson and basically ask her why all the change? Surrounding her quotes would be the quotes of her friends, […]

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Beauty: 5 Famous Faces Positively Living Through Rosacea

By Pauline Simons Is rosacea the reason holding you back from doing the things you love? If yes, how about breaking its hold and starting all over again because you’re not alone. Did you know the estimates from NRS showed, 16 million Americans alone suffer from rosacea, which includes some famous celebrities too, who have […]

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Beauty: How To Beat Chapped Lips For Good

By Hannah Miller Chapped lips can be quite the pain, especially when the weather drops and the air becomes drier. However, you don’t have to live with chapped, dry or cracked lips. Instead, follow these tips to beat chapped lips for good. Hydrate From The Inside When trying to fight chapped lips, a lot of […]

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Bavarian Bombshell! Q and A With Fashion and Glamour Model, Klaudia Nana

Munich, Germany. The picturesque capital of the German state of Bavaria, Munich, as a result, is simply one of the most storied cultural destinations in all of Europe. The third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is home to a population of roughly 5.8 million. Furthermore, it is home to some of […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Pimentel is the Latin beauty with Power

Some women in Hollywood are beautiful and that’s thanks to others. While there are some women that have that inner/outer beauty that cannot be described. The latter is how I view Jessica Pimentel of Orange Is The New Black. To see her in the prison outfits with no makeup still drives me crazy but it’s what she […]