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Woman Crush Wednesday: Even Today, Eliza Dushku Still Brings It On!

You ever meet that one woman, that just leaves you breathless. Like a seductive succubus in the middle of the night, her breath-taking beauty simple leaves you breathless, but before you ask for her name, she just disappears. When said woman suddenly vanishes, you go searching for and wondering where she went, before she randomly […]

Photo: Crystal Nelson
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Young Entrepreneurs: Is Glaminizers CEO and Lifestyle Model Stephanie Tear The Next Kylie Jenner?

In a society and culture that seems to embrace making money and doing business in a non-traditional type of way, more and more Millennials are striking out on their own in becoming young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs or YE’s, as they are referred to in the industry are aged 17-30, and helm a wide range of […]

Photo: Jeff Cole
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Women: Q and A With Alternative/Fetish Model Karla Force

Unapologetic. Blunt. No filter. Outsider. That is how some would define models who don’t quite fit the “mold” of what a traditional model is supposed to look like in today’s world. If you are seen as too old, too short. too fat or too something. most modeling agencies will not even look at or even […]

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Beauty: Why Eyelash Extension Glue Is A Woman’s Best Friend

They say that there is great pain towards attaining great beauty. If you are a woman, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether it is finding that perfect nail and toe gloss design, picking those loose eyebrows or trying to choose that on-fleek set of platform pumps, there is nothing more time-consuming and nerve-racking […]

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Fine Jewelry: Important Questions to Ask When Picking a Jeweler

By Clara S. Silva Not quite sure how to go about buying an engagement ring? Well, the first step is identifying a trustworthy jeweler. Purchasing fine jewelry is unlike making any other purchase, including big-ticket items such major appliances or cars. Fine jewelry and precious stones, such as diamonds and gems, have a unique language […]

Glamour model Liz Ware
Photo: Alfonso Moreno (Madcreativity)
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Glamour Girl! Q and A With IBMS Regional Coordinator and Glamour Model, Liz Ware

Glamour modeling and photography. Many have heard of it, but few actually know what it is. As with all things in today’s social-media driven world of image, branding, and marketing, it is hard to escape it and even harder to not be both in awe and intrigued. What’s so funny is that it has been […]

Photo: Ashlee Rose Photography
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Surfs Up! Q and A With Instagram Model Mariah Rivera

Spring break. It’s that time of year again. It’s that time of year when we leave the cool, brutal, bitterly gray days of late winter of icy chills and snow behind for the bright and colorful palettes of spring.   Gone are the days of never-ending whiteouts and in its place are the bright pastels […]