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Monday Morning Michelle: Dear ‘Digusted Cowboys’ fan’

Dear Michelle, Did you see those photos of Greg Hardy’s girlfriend?  How can the Cowboys keep him on the team?  How can the NFL continue to disrespect women by not making a stand that is anything other than lip service? It’s disgusting.  How can you still root for the team knowing it has no respect […]

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Gorgeous Gossip: Blake-Gwen An Item! Are Kendall and Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Dating?

Hey Guys and Gals, It’s your favorite gossip girl in her debut column here at INSCMagazine called, “Gorgeous Gossip” Now for the dirt! Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Romance Confirmed! I’m here with happy news this week! For the past few weeks we’ve been wondering, are they? Aren’t they? By “They” I’m speaking of none […]

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Melissa Benoist Soars As TV’s Newest Shero In Supergirl

Many of you are probably wonder why a 39-year-old married man is blogging about a female in tights and a cape? It is because TV’s newest superhero is the type of role model that my five-year-old can hope to emulate. I have to honestly say that two episodes into CBS’ new hit series ‘Supergirl’ starring […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Megan Boone Going Rogue In NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’

On the run from the FBI with a criminal mastermind. Resourceful, tough and sexy to boot. Megan Boone is a former FBI agent-turned-fugitive in the 3rd season of NBC’s primetime smash hit, ‘The Blacklist’ The 32-year-old native of the Upper Michigan town of Petoskey has risen to critical acclaim as one of primetime’s best actresses […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley A Force Amongst Us

Thanks to nabbing the main female lead in the most-anticipated movie in the last decade, Daisy Ridley is set to become a bonafide sci-fi geek goddess thanks to her upcoming role of Rey in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Born in the Westminster neighborhood of London, the 23-year-old Ridley appeared in British […]

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Women We Want: Demi Lovato Redefining Body Image For Women

Already one of the biggest and most popular pop stars in the world today, Demi Lovato turned heads in posing both nude and un-touched in Vanity Fair. Already know for her catchy dance-pop songs such as “Skyscraper”, “Heart Attack” and “Give Your Heart a Break”, the 23-year-old songstress became a true role model of female […]

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Beauty: Ten Tips On How To Get That ‘Celebrity’ Look

Beauty is paramount, so they say. In an era where we judge people more on their physical attributes; taking care of your body is important, especially for a celebrity who is more often than not under the scrutiny of the public eye. You will need great makeup beauty essentials to keep you glowing for most […]