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Interviews: One-on-One With H&M Plus Size Model, Jennie Runk

Thanks to the likes of plus-size models such as Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley and Iskra Lawrence, women with curves has become the new “hot” in the modeling world. In a world that has infamously been about petite and super-thin muses being plastered on the cover of both men’s and women’s magazines. Perhaps this is due […]

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Dating and Relationships: 11 Amazing Tips On How To Impress A Girl You Love

By Harshith Joseph Impressing people by simple tricks is easy. Crack a few jokes, share a couple of stories and people go ‘wow’! But this doesn’t last very long. To make a bigger and long lasting impression on someone (especially a girl you’ve been eyeing) takes time and A LOT of efforts. There is not […]

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Beauty: Best Makeup Tips For Wedding Season

By Jessica Oaks Wedding season is almost here and that means brides-to-be everywhere are starting to think about more than just the perfect dress, but also the perfect makeup. Every bride wants to look her best on the big day, and neither bridesmaids nor wedding guests are exempt from the desire to feel beautiful. Whether […]

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Beauty: Summer Fashion Tips For Memorial Day Weekend

The last Monday of the month of May marks the Memorial Day and an unofficial start of summer. Prepare yourself to properly welcome the new season and honor the people who died serving the country. Get your good attitude in check and have fun with fashion and beauty that will provide you with some great […]

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Women We Want: Riley Keough Provides A True ‘Girlfriend Experience’ In Starz’s Racy New Drama (VIDEO)

They say that talent is passed down through the genes within the entertainment business. Luckily for Riley Keough, she hit the proverbial jackpot. (Editor’s Note: Video content may contain NSFW adult language and nudity)

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Beauty: No Sweat! 7 Melt-Proof Makeup Ideas for Summer

By Vaileria Dennis Summer is a beautiful season, one that we can enjoy thoroughly. We can dress up in a multitude of light clothes, bask in the sun and impress everyone with our style. However, when it comes to makeup, it can be difficult to make the right choices. If you do not want your […]

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Beauty: 7 Hairstyling Tips You Wish You Knew

By Michelle Murphy Plenty of women get bored with their hair every now and again and more so in spring. Whether this is because she feels the need to spring clean herself and dust away the cobwebs, getting a new hairstyle in spring can be a much needed treat. Styling her hair doesn’t have to […]