Lauren Cannon: Q and A with Fashion and Swimwear Model

When it comes to the Lone Star State, there is a simple saying, Don’t mess with Texas. Outspoken, unapologetically independent, passionate and as American as a state can ever be, there is just something about Texas that truly makes it stand out above others. Known for its vast oil supplies, love of God and football, […]

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Stephanie Lauren: Q and A with Pin-Up and Glamour Model

A porcelain doll is often defined as a delicate—yet realistic–life-like doll made from glazed porcelain. Refined, elegant and delicate to the touch, porcelain has been used in pottery and doll-making for centuries. The term “porcelain doll” can also be used to describe a fair-skinned model who has fair—and delicate features that has an eye-catching and […]

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Fashion: Hottest lipstick, makeup and accessories to try this winter

With winter just around the corner, it is only normal you should be interested in current trends. Well, we have done the research and now we are proud to present the hottest lipstick choices, as well as makeup ideas and unique accessories for the upcoming winter season. Enjoy yourself while reading this article and do […]

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Men: Why We Cannot Resist The Little Black Dress

As a man, there are certain visual stimuli that we simply CANNOT resist. Call it primal instinct or whatever fancy word you wish to use, but things such as the sight of Victoria’s Secret-worthy sun-kissed women lying on the beach half-naked in g-strings and thongs, the smell—and taste—of an entirely cooked well-done steak, smoking the […]

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Jessica Rivard: Q and A With Fitness Model, MMA Ring Girl and TaylorFitFL Owner/CEO

With temperatures dropping and fall now in season, the desire to get in shape is greater than ever, as the weather outside gets colder. Naturally, the motivation to stay fit tends to wane because of the mercury dropping and people naturally wanting to stay inside, causing those who do want to work out to not […]

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Gabbie Vazquez: Q and A With Glamour Model and Pop/R&B Singer

There is hot, and then there is Texas hot. It’s not only a reference in terms to the brutal and unforgiving heat that is native to the Southwestern state with a population of 26.4 million, but also the collective attractiveness of many of its beauty pageant-worthy female population. While many associate the Lone Star State […]

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30Fifteen: Q and A With Founder and Designer Emily Tonkin

I have a confession to make. To those who know me, I have been a dedicated and lifelong fan of college and NFL football, soccer, baseball, NBA and college basketball and ice hockey. I have to confess to a sports affair I have been having for the better part of 30 years. That mistresses name […]