pretty little liars
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Woman Crush Wednesday: Farewell to the beautiful ladies of Pretty Little Liars

The clock has almost run out and it’s time that we bid farewell to the six women that have forever changed the way we watch TV. While the audience is mostly made up of teens, adults will never know what they have missed along the way. I was fortunate enough to get hooked early on […]

Jessica Pimentel
Entertainment Woman Crush Wednesday Women

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Pimentel is the Latin beauty with Power

Some women in Hollywood are beautiful and that’s thanks to others. While there are some women that have that inner/outer beauty that cannot be described. The latter is how I view Jessica Pimentel of Orange Is The New Black. To see her in the prison outfits with no makeup still drives me crazy but it’s what she […]

jaimie alexander
Entertainment Woman Crush Wednesday Women

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jaimie Alexander makes artwork look sexy

There’s something in a woman who drives every man crazy. Some are turned on by a woman’s physical features like her butt, legs, chest or feet. Others may have a thing for hair, a smile or smell. I consider myself a leg man, at least I thought I was until I saw Jaimie Alexander crawl out […]

maggie q
Entertainment Woman Crush Wednesday Women

Woman Crush Wednesday: Maggie Q is still a seductive assassin

To me, Maggie Q will always be Nikita. She walked, talked and fought with a flair that’s missing in most TV shows today. What I loved most about Maggie was her ability to not give a damn about the audience. While most networks are going for the more sex appeal look with full figures, Maggie […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Michelle Obama brought class to the White House

Please forgive me Barack Obama for having a crush on your wife but when you look at it, it’s really your fault. Why didn’t you marry an eye sore like Barbara Bush or a mud duck like my next door neighbor? No, you had to go out and get the finest women you could find […]

jennifer aniston
Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday: How Jennifer Aniston became America’s Sweetheart

It’s funny, but I never looked at Jennifer Aniston as a desirable object while she played Rachel Green on Friends. It wasn’t until her role in Horrible Bosses in 2011 that I was finally able to see her for the woman I needed her to be. Aniston is beautiful, but until then she always had that […]

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WCW: Beth Behrs has looks and talent

If you look NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC, you are starting to see female actresses take on lead roles. For instance, ABC has Scandal, Modern Family, How to Get Away with Murder, and Grey’s Anatomy. On FOX you have New Girl. On NBC you have Law and Order SVU, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago […]