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Charlotte Hornets: Is this the year of the Kemba Walker explosion?

The Charlotte Hornets have been waiting for the moment when Kemba Walker puts it all together. In 2015 he proved that he still has that same UCONN flash that made him a legend in college but he has yet to transfer the total package to the NBA.

Granted, muck like college the pressure is squarely on his shoulders but Walker has never been one to shy away from the big moment. With the Hornets losing in the first round of the playoffs last season and then losing his running mate in Al Jefferson it will be equally tough to climb up the conference ladder .

Walker averaged 21 points and five assists last season. The issue is still.with his supportimg cast. He has tied to win with the likes of Marvin Williams, Frank Kaminsky and Nicholas Baum nitntheu have galtwred numerous times. Walker’s scoring ability is off the charts but the area he must improve on is his assists. With Batum on the wings, Walker will have a backcourt mate that can hit from the perimeter as well. But the true essence of Walker’s growth will come when he fully buys in and trust the guys on the blocks.

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Walker is a scorer but with an average of only five assists per he must find a balance between scoring and setting up his teammates. Walker has visions of being an All-Sar this season but in order to do so he must expand his game.

Chemistry is not an issue with the Hornets as the current core has played together for at least two seasons. It’s just a matter of the team being healthy and Walker finding a rythm on both ends of the floor. The Eastern Conference is still wide open and if Walker can get his guys in the right place they could make some noise in 2016.

The loss of Jefferson and Lin will hurt but this is still Walker’s team. If he wants to be that All-Star then he must be willing to sacrifice a little of his game for the good of the team .

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