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Chicago Cubs: 3 reasons why they will make World Series

The Chicago Cubs are headed back to the postseason after decades of watching from home. Last season the Cubs missed their chance at Back to the Future history as they fell to the New York Mets but they have come back focused and determined to not let it happen again. But this is the interesting thing about baseball. You can be scorching hot one week and cold the next. In the playoffs, there is no time to go thru a cold stretch, you must be on  your A game, every game. Or else.

Here are my 3 reasons why the Chicago Cubs will make it to the World Series

One Goal

You can say this about every team that suited up this season but the Cubs are the exception to the rule. Last season was a discovery of sorts. They fought for decades to make it back and had the talent to win it all but they just ran out of steam in the NLCS. This season they came out the gates smoking and never looked back as they will end the year with the league’s best record. The Cubs look to be a miror image of the Derek Jeter-led Yankees Dynasties. When you expect to win but lose, you ponder what went wrong and focus on fixing that issue for the next go round. That’s exactly what the Cubbies did and the results will be a 100 win season.

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Aroldis Chapman

This was the reason why the Cubs gave up their farm system for Chapman. It didn’t matter what he did for them in the regular season, they wanted him for the playoffs. He is the most feared closer in the majors. If the Cubs make it to the 8th with the lead, the game is over. Their starting pitching is still the best in the league with all five starters in double-digit wins. They understand, all they have to do is pitch seven solid innings and then hand it over to the bullpen. The Cubs were missing this element last season and the Mets made them pay for not having that come-true-in-the-clutch-type performer. Well, not anymore.

There is no competition

If we take a look at the possible matchups in the National League you will see why the Cubs will have a clear path to the World Series. For any team they may face in the NLDS or NLCS they have a clear advantage, well almost. The Cubs are 5-2 against the Nationals, 4-3 against the Dodgers, 10-9 against the Cardinals, 4-3 against the Giants, but they must figure out how to beat the Mets as they are 2-5 against them.

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