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Chicago Cubs head to World Series by defeating Dodgers, history

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers Saturday night but also went toe-to-toe with history and came out on top.

No disrespect to the Dodgers, but this was more than an NLCS to the Cubbies. This was redemption, a chance to get from under that dark cloud that has hovered over them for more than a century. What they have endured was nothing like what the Cleveland Cavaliers faced last season. This victory told the story of a franchise that baseball all but left for dead.

The Cubs had been to 12 World Series, winning two, but during a 5-year span had been to four out of five. But then it went dark. And when I say dark, it was as if the baseball world forget they were a team that played at Wrigley Field. After the last WS trip in 1945, they would not reach the playoffs again until 1984.

They were the butt of many jokes but when the Boston Red Sox finally broke their curse in 2004 many thought it was only a matter of time before the Cubs were able to do the same.

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The Cubs tried everything possible to win. The built from the farm paid for the services of high priced free agents but nothing seemed to go in their favor. But when Theo Epstein of the Red Sox took.over for the Cubs in 2011 so did the opportunity for redemption.

Epstein took control of the roster and shaped it into a contender, then into a winner. Last season was the realism of the infamous Back to the Future prophecy, but the Cubs failed to do their part. After watching another team celebrate at their expense, the Cubs refocused their energy and made sure that feeling would stay with them this season as they embarked on a mission to prove to the world that their rebirth was no fluke.

103 wins in a single season will have everyone talking and wishing. This is a celebration, a well deserved one but it’s not the ultimate goal. They may have slayed one demon, but the biggest one will rear its ugly head this coming Tuesday night.

The Chicago Cubs are National League Champions, but the cloud will not be fully removed until they become World Series champs.

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