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Chicago Fire: Despite Anna’s illness, should Stella Kidd make her move on Kelly Severide?

Now that Anna’s secret is out and the reason she left Kelly Severide high and dry at the restaurant would it be fair to say that Stella Kidd would be within her rights to make a move? I mean, let’s be honest here. The whole Severide and Anna romance on Chicago Fire will not work. Severide may be tired of the playboy lifestyle, however, their union was never built on anything strong.

Kelly and Anna got together off ” heroes complex”. Kelly saved her life and in the process, they both felt drawn to each other. They may have spent some time getting to know one another but when Kelly decided to make a real move on her, she vanished. He managed to chase her down and even then she gave him the cold shoulder. All the while, Stella was right there staying silent but hoping for the best.

Stella has played her position to a tee as the perfect friend but on the inside, she has to be fuming. Here she is at the same Fire House, saving lives and spending oodles amount of time with Kelly but yet, it’s like he forgot they shared a few romantic nights together. How strong of a hold does Anna have on him?

Stella is HOT!!! And while Anna is no eye sore herself, she is just getting her life back after experiencing death. Now, she didn’t have to move to Chicago to be close to Kelly but once she did she opened the door to what could be something destructive. Her constant whining about missing her family and friends was not fair to Kelly but that right there should have been a major red flag for Severide. Once Stella found out that Anna dashed out on him, I was waiting for the moment when she blurts out “forget her, I’ve been here all along”. Why wait? Why should Stella be left in the cold when it’s clear she’s the better choice of the two?

They say the best relationships starts with a friendship and Stella is clearly a friend. Yes, she wants more than that but she has managed to keep her calm and mouth closed while Severide tries to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He keeps saying that he doesn’t want to be like his father Benny but at the same time he’s trying a little too hard to prove that point. It’s almost as if he’s settling for someone instead of following his gut instinct.

The issue with Stella and her crazy ex may still be in the back of his mind but that issue has long been resolved. And since when have we known Severide to back down from a challenge?

I’m not saying that Stella should pursue Severide due to Anna’s illness, however, the longer she waits the deeper he may get. The father has told Kelly what to do and that was to fight for his daughter. Once you have the family’s blessing, it’s all downhill from there. Sooner or later, Kelly will inform the House that Anna is in a fight for her life and if Stella decides to make a move then she will come off as an opputinist. She’s in a lose/lose situation here but she has to find a way out of it.

Anna is fighting for her life and Stella is fighting to get out from under her shadow. I know when she finds out, Stella will feel sorrow for Anna but when it comes to matters of the heart– may the best woman win.

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