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Chicago Fire: I’m Confused, why the hell did Anna dump Severide?

Here’s the thing with the Kelly Severide and Anna relationship. It was a hero syndrome more than it was love. It was as if Anna and Kelly had an arranged union instead of one that was built on a common interest in the occasional–opposites attract.

Severide saved Anna’s life through a bone marrow transplant and every viewer could see what was a relationship coming next. It’s TV 101.

From the beginning, it was rocky as Kelly made his move and watched as Anna literally ran away. Then, after a visit to Springfield to check on a possible job opportunity he walked back into her life and make his final pitch.

It worked and before long Anna was a member of the Chicago Med staff as she chased her dream and Kelly at the same time. It looked as if everything was going well until she felt a hole in her soul caused by the separation of family and friends. It seemed that the ice skating trip put a resolve to that but we would later find out that her wounds ran a little deeper than what’s on the surface.

But what wounds?

Kelly’s father Benny invited the both of them out to dinner and as Kelly waited I became nervous. The feeling was that Anna had skipped out on dinner leaving Kelly to look like a fool. But she’s a doctor and maybe something happened with a patient that ran a little late.

When Anna arrived at the restaurant, the look on Kelly’s face was one that he wished she did just skip out on the dinner. From the outset, she looked lost and pissed. But why? If she was that upset then why come at all? Could she have just texted Kelly and said she couldn’t make it? However, she wasn’t the only one at a loss for words if you noticed.

The look on Benny’s face was priceless. He didn’t say a word. It was as if they knew each other from Springfield. Remember, Benny gets around and he’s the one who set Kelly up with the job in the first place. Maybe they don’t know each other personally but it’s possible they know some of the same people. Something has to make sense for Anna just to walk out like and leave Severide stranded like that.

Being homesick is one thing but what she pulled off was heartless and personal.


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