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Chicago Fire: Severide is stuck between Stella and Anna

Despite Chicago Fire being based on actual fires, it’s the behind the scenes plots that make the show so appealing. This season has been focused more on relationships as we finally got to see Gabby and Matt tie the knot and Antonio and Brett try their hand at a relationship. However, the one we didn’t see coming was the Kelly Severide love triangle.

I always thought that Severide would be the one that would stay single throughout but we were thrown for a loop when Kelly decided to give his bone marrow to a stranger, Once he met Anna it wasn’t hard to put together what the outcome would be. The connection was instant but was it for the right reasons?

As a firefighter, Kelly has dealt with hero’s affection. He can save a woman’s life and she may then become attracted to him just for that reason alone. This is what I feel is going on between him and Anna. There may be something there but right now, they are both lost in lust. With Kelly being offered his dream job in Springfield he went in search of Anna to see if the move would be worth it. The reunion wasn’t what I or Kelly hoped it would be but we shall see how this plays out.

As for Stella and Severide, the chemistry is there but Kelly has been so wrapped up in Anna that he has not seen the signs that Stella is throwing him. Their past has been rocky and Stella’s ex-husband attacking Severide may have been the nail in the coffin but you can see that Stella wants another chance.

Personally, I would love to see Stella and Severide take a real go at it but I can see the writers dragging out the Springfield romance for as long as they can. Will Severide leave 51 I don’t think so, so a long distance romance is not out of the question but there is no real chemistry between the two. Anna seems to be more on the adventurous side of life while Stella is more of Severide’s speed with her personality.

It does seem that everyone in 51 has had their fair share of love and it’s time the Kelly gets his taste but, who will he choose?

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Fire: Severide is stuck between Stella and Anna

  1. i agree with you a hundred percent. i find anna’s character boring, with severide. i would love for him and stella to reunite for good. Though their past has been rocky she is the only one who has never left his side. i hope the writers reconsider.

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