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Chris Bosh Should Join Cleveland Cavaliers if he Can Play in NBA Again

Chris Bosh has remained adamant that he can return to the NBA. The league might not think so due to his blood clots. But if Bosh can ever get back, there’s one team that could make sense for him. The Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bosh’s current team, the Miami Heat, plan on releasing him in the near future. This plan comes after the league determined his blood clots are career ending. The Heat will be able to remove Bosh’s contract and the two years left on it from their cap space. With that, Bosh will become a free agent in the near future.

With the Cavaliers struggling early on in the NBA Finals, some wonder what kind of improvements they will make. Especially considering the fact that Kevin Durant has made the NBA Finals a lop-sided one thus far.

During this past year, the Cavaliers added several players to the team. Players like Larry Sanders, Andrew Bogut, Kyle Korver, Deron Williams and Derrick Williams got signed reinforcements. But aside from Korver, they’ve had minimal to no impact.

Chris Bosh is different. When healthy. Chris Bosh is better than all of those players put together. He’d also add a dynamic that the Cavaliers could use.

Sure, Bosh can score. But he doesn’t have to be a primary scorer. His value comes as a rebounder, a defender and the amount of hustle and dirty work he does on the court.

When Bosh was in Miami, he did the dirty work on the court while LeBron and Dwyane Wade got most of the glory for scoring. Bosh got his numbers in, but he went from being a 24 point scorer to a 17 point scorer in Miami. And that was alright because it worked there.

The Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn’t need Bosh to be the guy he once was with the Toronto Raptors. His game with Miami is what they need. And now that he’s set to be a free agent this summer, he wouldn’t cost much as far as a contract goes. The blood clot issue assures that Bosh can’t demand a high salary because it’s no guarantee he can remain on the court.

Chris Bosh could always decide to retire this summer and pursue a broadcasting career and this issue becomes a moot point. And given the health risks, nobody would blame him if he called it a career.

But again, Bosh has been determined to rejoin the NBA. He tried many times to get the Heat to bring him back on the court, but they refused. Bosh probably doesn’t want his career to end on this kind of note.

So if the 32-year-old veteran can get NBA clearance, his move should be to Cleveland. Most would think LeBron would jump at the chance of adding his former teammate. After all, they did win two championships together in Miami.

This is all a very big if. If Chris Bosh can get clearance. If Chris Bosh can ever play in the NBA again. But if he can, the Cleveland Cavaliers would be an ideal landing spot for him next season.

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