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Cincinnati Bengals: Bye, Bye Marvin Lewis

The Cincinnati Bengals season is over. There’s no need to put A.J. Green back on the field unless he’s reaching for some contract based incentive for games and yards made. Andy Dalton should stay on the field to audition for his job next season and they must make a decision where their ground game is concerned.

But, their first order of business is to fire Marvin Lewis. I’ve gone to bat for Lewis over the last four years but, no more. This is no longer his team. At times I feel as if they are out there coaching themselves and he is a supervisor just watching the meltdown. But, it begs a different question. Does he have it in him or does he even care?

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Have you ever been in a relationship and just did what you wanted to do when you realized it was over? This is how the Bengals and Lewis must feel towards one another. The organization has not given Lewis the proper players he needs to succeed and Lewis has not give the team the proper leadership needed to grow. Both are tired of one another but neither has stepped out on the ledge had decided to take that first step to distance themselves.

Lewis has a career record of 115-101-3 in 14 years but the issue has been what happens after week 17. The Bengals, under the leadership of Lewis, is 0-7 in the playoffs. How can a team that features what was once of the best defense and best offense weapons in Green fail to get out of the first round? The talent is there and the Bengals have shown they can play with the annual contender from both conferences but come crunch time they fold like a beach chair.

No matter their success against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, it all comes down to the playoffs and Lewis has failed in that regard. Currently, the Bengals are 3-7-1, fighting to avoid the right to fight with the Cleveland Browns for that first pick, but they are hanging on by a thread.

If the Bengals were to lose out against the Eagles, Browns, Steelers, Texans, and Ravens, this will make the third time in Lewis’s career that he has failed to reach at leat 5 wins.

Take the stats out the picture and focus on the real meaning of the demise of the Bengals. Much like a relationship, there comes a time when you get tired of looking at the same person’s face after an extended period of time. It’s time for the Bengals and Lewis to move on. But who will make the tough decision first?

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