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Cleveland Browns name Robert Griffin III starting QB

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The Cleveland Browns, a place that quarterbacks usually go to end their career. However, there is a culture change in Cleveland and that may no longer be the case. Head Coach Hugh Jackson was brought in to move the Browns in the right direction. Today he started that movement by naming Robert Griffin III his starting QB. A move that comes with a few raised eyebrows and here is why.

Robert Griffin III, is the former starting QB of the Washington Redskins. In Washington he was beloved. He was viewed as the golden boy. He came in and turned the franchise upside down. He took the Redskins to the 2012 NFC East Championship, the first since 1999. Everything looked to be on the up and up for RG3. Then disaster struck. He suffered a knee injury in the playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. It is also when the fall began.

After the knee injury RG3 changed. It is not known that if the change was due to the injury or due to a change in RG3’s demeanor. I believe that it was both. Robert became enamored in the spot light. He now wanted all eyes on him and not on him and his teammates. He only wanted to run certain plays and the biggest thing was that he wanted to become a pocket passer. This is where the fall was brightest.

Robert Griffin III’s pocket skills are very minimal. He has problems reading more than one receiver, his feet stay planted, and he holds the ball longer than needed. That is where Hugh Jackson comes into the play. If Jackson can get inside RG3’s head then things could be different. The head coach is known for his work with QBs. He made Andy Dalton a solid NFL QB.

RG3 is looking to start over and the Browns are looking for a franchise QB. This could be a match made in heaven. If RG3 has truly been humbled, this could truly be the rise of a franchise that is viewed as the NFL doormat. How much he has been humbled will be on display if the Cleveland Browns have surprised success.

The Cleveland Browns, once viewed as a QB graveyard, are changing. RG3, once a superstar, is again a starter in the NFL. Is this the right move? We will see throughout 2016. This will be one to keep your eye on now and into the future.

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