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Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving is more than a sidekick

The Cleveland Cavaliers have arguably the best player in the NBA but Kyrie Irving is out to prove that he wants to be mentioned in the same conversation.

Since his arrival in the NBA in 2012 Irving has had to deal with his fair share of losing as the Cavs looked to move on from the first LeBron James era. But, no one told Irving how hard that would be. This is what Pete Meyers must have felt after Michael Jordan retired and he took over the SG role for the legend. It couldn’t be done.

Irving went through the same abuse, only his was way worse. During the Cavs trying times, there were rumors of locker room fights, arguments, and whispers of Irving being traded. But when LeBron said he was coming home, it all changed. Not just for the Cavs but Irving’s future as well.

Their first season together, nothing went right as Irving and newly acquired Kevin Love missed the NBA Finals and had to watch as James and a crew of reserves were two wins away from bringing the city their first NBA championship home.

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In last year’s Finals it was a different story as the Cavs had to fight off a 3-1 deficit, but in the end, it was only fitting that it was Irving that took that crucial shot but it was more fitting that he made it. On any other team that would be James taking that shot but this is Irving’s team no matter how the media tries to spin it.

He was the one suffering through all the heartache, the losing, and the rumors and to be the one that stuck the dagger in the heart of the team he had to watch celebrate last season had to be a career defining.

When people mention the Cavs they think LeBron but Irving is here to let you know, there is no championship without him.

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