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Cleveland Cavaliers: Why Kyrie Irving leaving will actually help the team plus keep LeBron James there

It may sound strange but Kyrie Irving leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers may be the best decision for all parties involved. As good as Irving is– the name on the front of the jersey is what’s most important. Dan Gilbert has been through this before regarding LeBron James when he left for Miami but this time the Cavs are in better shape. LeBron was a free agent who left, thus resulting in the Cavs getting nothing in return. They lucked out with a few No. 1 picks along the way but if Irving is to be traded, the prices they would get in return could set them up nicely for the future.

Kyrie is a top 5 player at his position according to some but in terms of production, he does fall a bit short of what the Cavs need.

Irving is a SG trapped in a PG’s body. He averaged 25 points in 2016 but his assists topped out at six per game. For a player with his skills and talented teammates surrounding him, he should have better numbers in that department. However, those lack of assists could be what changes the dynamic of the Cavs for next season.

LeBron has gone on record stating that he wants a playmaker on the roster. While many thought that to be a direct and unnecessary shot at Irving– it turns out that James was right all along. In order for the Cavs to beat teams like the Golden State Warriors and Boson Celtics regularly, they will need to have a player who’s willing to go that extra mile. With Irving stating his reasons for leaving– it’s clear he’s not that guy. So get rid of him and build.

But unlike the Cavs when LeBon left– they will be in better shape than when Irving was there.

The main goals now are to keep LeBron happy and the wins coming. With Irving saying that he didn’t want to play with LeBron and become his own traveling circus that may have helped the Cavs case. Players have egos and now LeBron may be willing to show Irving that he wasn’t needed to win after all. Much like Russell Westbrook tried to do without Kevin Durant this season. If the Cavs can get a hefty return for Irving such as a top-tier shoot guard like Eric Bledsoe, a good Sixth Man and maybe a draft pick to boot then this could be enough to keep them atop the East and LeBron happy. Let’s not forget the possibility of adding Derick Rose now that Irving is gone.

All is not lost for the Cavs. If Rose or say a PG who can be a facilitator is brought to the table then the Cavs must do what’s best for them. LeBron and Love can handle the scoring load that will give other players room to show and prove. At one point, Tristan Thompson was averaging a double-double but with Irving taking more of the scoring load on it took away from his progression. Irving’s departure may look like a black-eye for now but if the Cavs can swing a deal (not for Carmelo) this franchise will not lose any ground in 2017.




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