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“Clinton Cash” Can Prove Everything, But The Clintons Still Get The Last Laugh

This week in Philadelphia we’ve seen a spectacle of “Bernie or Bust” folks protesting, WikiLeaks releasing emails and voicemails, and even Donald Trump calling Russia to spy on Clinton. But even with the soap opera that this political circus has become, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton get the last laugh.

The reason this election is so dire for both sides really stems to the battle of the Judiciary Branch of our government, The Supreme Court. Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away during the earlier part of the primary stage and now the potential future hangs in the balance as there has been a standstill for Scalia’s missing seat, despite the hypocrisy on both sides to do anything to fill it before November.

The Supreme Court will likely decide cases like Citizens United, Gay Marriage, Planned Parenthood, 2nd amendment rights, and even the generations old discussion about abortion. This is seemingly the only reason I think many establishment politicians are choosing to stay in party lines to pursue the end goal and the bigger picture.

Hillary has the endorsements of all the Democratic elites, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, her primary competitor Senator Bernie Sanders, and seemingly the entire liberal media shielding her from answering hard questions and anything transparent enough to at least pressure her about the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.

“Clinton Cash,” though done by a New York Times best-seller, is getting completely ignored by the liberal crowd and it’s censored agenda (conservatives do it too, but in a different extent). Neither Clinton or Trump have answered hard questions in-depth about their other business ventures, and both have done business together before as Trump supported her cause(s) for years!

For the record I’m a long-time Democratic voter, but in recent years, I’ve had a change in heart with how I view the Democrats. Barack Obama’s presidential tenure has had its ups and downs, that I will acknowledge, but I WILL NOT be voting for Hillary Clinton.

This 2016 election has proven that we as voters are clearly sick of things as they are (like myself). This has led to the rise of three men who have come into the public limelight in the last year, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and of course Donald Trump.

Now I have friends who have thrown their support behind Cruz and Trump during this cycle, but I didn’t quite agree with either Cruz or Trump, I just can’t fully trust either of them with the partisanship that already exists, or just changing parties isn’t the answer to our issues.

Washington Post Cartoon viewed as highly controversial and condemned as offensive by the Cruz Campaign

Cruz, like Clinton, has connections to Goldman Sachs (his wife Heidi). Heidi Cruz used to be CEO of Goldman Sachs. This alone, should’ve been the end of any chance Cruz could’ve marketed himself as “the outsider” in Washington. But I have to say his speech at the RNC was not only ballsy, but that’s what Washington is missing, CONSISTENCY!!! I would never vote for him based on his policies but I’ve gained respect for him by not endorsing Trump.

Trump supporters don’t want to hear it, but you have to understand that the Trump campaign went after Cruz’s family harder than the Washington Post. Trump going after Mrs. Cruz for her appearance isn’t very classy, neither is talking about a conspiracy (regardless of what it is) on the campaign trail about your competitor’s father being connected to the murder of John F. Kennedy over an array of photographs with Lee Harvey Oswald (who might not even have killed Kennedy at all, disputed).


Whether the photo above looks like Rafael Cruz or not, it’s still brash and inconsiderate to presumably accuse a man of being involved in a grand scheme of the most high-profile assassination in US history is defamation to the nth degree. It’s horrible!!

But even accusing a man of plotting to kill a president isn’t the lowest blow in this election cycle… Hillary Clinton is our greatest evil America! Mr. and Mrs. Clinton have had to deal with bombshells in the past, but in recent memory.

We’ve seen the WikiLeaks hack has already destroyed the reputation of former DNC chairwomen and Clinton 2008 Campaign Manager Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, of Florida. This makes this week’s Democratic Convention seem not too much different from the Republican National Convention. That seemingly looked like a Trump’s rise to a place nobody in America would’ve thought about in earlier years. The voice mails leaked only shows that Julian Assange is far from finished…

7e8a1f55244ea93528ca8be10290f9f3I, like many young voters looked at Bernie Sanders as the alternate to this vile corruption of epic proportions but even Bernie Sanders looks to be either in the midst of one of the sneakiest moves in election history, or a sellout of epic proportions. Regardless of that, the Democratic Party has been found to have held a bias (keep in mind four of the major five news networks are connected to the Obama administration CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC/Disney).

Hillary Clinton is going to have to deal with another bombshell… This time from New York Times bestseller Peter Schweizer, who released “Clinton Cash” to Breitbart News via YouTube and their website. There hasn’t been a bigger flip-flopper in politics right now than the Clintons. If you try to deny it, look up the cases in Rwanda, Kazakhstan, Colombia, India, Haiti, and Nigeria… Clinton is pulling a stunt that makes Watergate look minor league. The Clinton Foundation (Clinton Corruption) has cost Americans a reported $5.1 trillion (5,100,000,000,000)!

After all, this documentary doesn’t address the “voter fraud” that may or may not have occurred in Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Arizona, and Iowa when she was competing with Bernie Sanders the last seven months. But Hillary may likely lose young “progressive” voters who see her the way that “Clinton Cash” portrays. It’s not like those speaking fees, those inner corruption scandals, and of course the “complete 180” of her husband’s presidential policies in the mid to late 90’s.

The Clinton Foundation only giving 10% of their funds to charity is only the beginning of this truly complex and global scheme to “donate” to the Clinton bank account, The 10% they reportedly give, is a disgrace considering that Bill and Hillary Clinton made MILLIONS in speeches, much of these speeches had bigger ramifications as well to protect corrupt businesses and corrupt, oppressive, and blatant disregard to not only her honor and role as Secretary of State, but to her integrity as a presidential candidate.

But even with the court of public opinion condemning her as someone who isn’t trustworthy, even though her foundation has suffered plenty of mishaps, and even though the FBI investigated her knowing she screwed up, it won’t matter. FBI James Comey was benefiting from the Clinton Foundation, and I’m sure that whoever is at the IRS is likely to do the same thing that everyone in Schweizer’s documentary had done, and that’s profit off corruption and watch us have to suffer from it.

“When it comes to the Clintons, FOLLOW THE MONEY!” Peter Schweizer, “Clinton Cash” ! See it for yourself…

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