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While everyone is getting ready for UFC 200 this Saturday as Brock Lesnar returns to the octagon, there is another former WWE turned UFC fighter who is getting attention. CM Punk, former WWE superstar and now UFC fighter, who is “making” his debut at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall. He was recently on Colin Cowherd’s national sports show on Fox Sports Radio. He was asked about the future of Punk in UFC and his time with WWE.

He figures after waiting, 18 months between injuries, training, and being a chicken that he figures if he gets a few UFC wins under his belt that he should gain an opportunity to a UFC title. I will admit, I generally don’t watch the UFC that often. With that being said, if UFC is similar to WWE then this won’t happen. A majority of the time when it comes to professional wrestling or sports fighting, you need to have more than a few wins to get a title opportunity. There were people who went on record after it was announced in December of 2014 that they figured this was a publicity stunt and Punk was never going to go through with it. Well, Punk does not view this as a stunt as he has wanted to be in the UFC for the last few years. I was listening to Busted Open on SiruisXM and one of the hosts made a great remark about CM Punk. The host said, “Punk would never be in UFC, if it was not for his 2011 WWE run.” I agree with him because as someone who has been able to watch several of the paper per view events of 2011 on the network, Punk was put on the map and gained his notary.

Then, Colin Cowherd asked Punk about his time in WWE and this is where CM Punk pretty much burned any bridge for a potential return to WWE. He said that WWE treats their wrestlers like indentured servants. I find it funny that he would say this, when he was with WWE towards the end is that he was the top guy as he was given a lot of things for being the top guy in the company in 2011. I feel CM Punk basically cemented the fact that he won’t return to WWE. I figure there are many people within the WWE universe.

I feel like this because the way he left made it out for him to be a quitter and that he was a big baby who had a fit. Instead of being a man about his time in WWE and simply thanking them for the opportunity that he had in WWE. If he took that route then maybe there could be a possibility for a return. However, when he buried the entire company including the medical staff and the McMahon family who happens to be his boss, it was cemented that he won’t return to WWE. I know the saying in wrestling is never say never as you had wild things happen like Ultimate Warrior returning to Sting making his debut in WWE. But I think it is safe it is never going to happen of seeing a CM Punk- WWE reunion.

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