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Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith should generate Oscar buzz

There are movies that will touch the heart, soul, and mind; then there are ones that will hit every emotion we have. Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith will take you to a place you forgot existed because of so much drama and violence being shown today on the big and small screen.

Collateral Beauty stars Smith as a New York City ad executive who’s life is rocked by a sudden death. His close friends, played by dramatic heavyweights Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Michael Pena all do what they can to support him. But Smith’s character escapes into a series of letters that he starts sending to Love, Death and Time.

Tragedy affects everyone differently and what Collateral Beauty does is pure genius. It takes a page out of the timeless classic, A Christmas Carol where he is visited by representations of the three issues he must deal with.

Imagine writing a letter every day to a situation, not a person but an emotion or thing. Well, that’s exactly what Howard Inlet did. He would write, then mail off a letter to Time, Love and Death every day, never expecting a response but then one day it comes in a physical form. Each character has a goal in helping Inlet deal with the troubles he is facing, but it won’t be easy. Inlet has shut himself off from the world, and much like The Christmas Carol, or It’s A Wonderful Life it will take some heavy convincing for Inlet even to consider this strange occurrence to be possible.

Smith looks to have pulled off a remarkable performance, and if the rest of the movies looks as great as the trailer, he may want to write one more letter as an acceptance speech at the Oscars. In an industry that has shifted focus to robots, superhuman’s and gun-slinging criminals it’s great to see an all-star cast of actors and actresses come together and offer the public something beautiful.

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