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College Football: Ohio State, Clemson, and Michigan all have eyes on Alabama next 2 weeks

The College Football world, well actually Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington will have their eyes glued to the scoreboard for the next two weeks watching what Alabama does on Saturdays.

This is the norm, but the next few weeks it will be slightly different. Alabama is the top-ranked school in the nation and while the rest are still giving chase, one slip up and the college landscape is changed. Alabama has managed to enter Week 7 unscathed but with two games in back-to-back weeks against two top 10 teams, the vultures are circling.

Ohio State would be next in line but they have hurdles of their own with Wisconsin, Nebraska and Michigan left on their schedule. They may want to scoreboard watch but it may be in their best interest to focus on their own issues. Clemson is next up, but their schedule screams easy street but this must be mindful of their ACC rival, Florida State who would love nothing more than to play spoiler to any National Title dreams the Tigers may have.

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The last two schools that have a shot but will need to scoreboard watch more than the others are Michigan and Washington. The Wolverines currently are 4th in the nation with their last and biggest test coming against Ohio State in the last game of the regular season. The Wolverines will be the main scoreboard watchers in the next few weeks. Washington still has a few tough contest coming up but with a 72 SOS ranking they will look extra hard at the teams above them. If everything falls into place for the Huskies they could find themselves as high as No. 2 within three weeks.

College Football is still a crap shot. You can fall any given week, but that’s what makes this sport so special. As we begin the second half of the season, teams will look to play spoiler as their season may have already ended. Alabama is still King until someone proves otherwise but they must be careful. There’s a nation of teams watching and waiting for that one opportunity where they slip and they get a chance. All some teams need is a slight crack in the window, but it’s up to Alabama to keep the pretenders away.

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