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Criminal Law: Donald Trump should pass a law in which Felons records are expunged after punishment is served

I’m one to believe that all criminals are not bad. Sometimes good people make bad choices and those choices could land you in trouble for the rest of your life. Is that fair? No, but it’s the way of life here in the United States of America. Here is my problem with the Justice System and Criminal Law. Let’s say you committed a crime, not all crimes are the same as each situation may be different. A man is caught selling drugs and gets sentenced to serve 12 months in prison then is released but still can’t find a job. Why is that? This is where President Donald Trump must take a stand.

If America is the land of second chances, it’s fair to say we’re built on a lie. I’m not here to throw blame at Trump but for a person who wants to keep immigrants out and focus on the country, U.S.A is doing a poor job making sure its citizens are taken care of.

Most felons are not to be afraid of. But people still tend to deal with them with mask and gloves as if they are some disease. I’m not saying that ALL felons should be given a pass but how can guys with non-serious offenses expect to make a change when they’re still viewed as animals? A person who commits repeat crimes should not have their record expunged. But what about the citizens who made a terrible choice?

I propose that any person who was caught then had to do their time should have their record expunged the moment they are released. And the same goes for those who are hit with probation.

I ask this because I was one of those people. I committed a crime, did my time in the prison system but walked out with the Felon stigma still over my head. What was the point of paying my debt to society if I’m still labeled a felon or criminal? It was hard trying to find a job with a record and most people give up when they get to the job application process and there is that famous question; have you even been convicted of a felony?

Some states will go back seven years while some will go as far back as 15+. I still find that wrong. Not just because I am one of those guys but because most have paid their debt. Doing a crime is wrong, but if being put on probation or sent to prison is the punishment then why are we still being punished after the fact? How is that fair? If that’s the case then hand me my verdict and let me walk out the courtroom with the letter F stamped on my head so I won’t have to lie on an application just provide for my family.

I did the crime, I did the time and I’m still doing the time with no crime.


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Mark Wilson
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