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Dallas Cowboys fans reaction to Tony Romo

The NFL is a cutthroat business. This is why as a fan, you should not get emotionally attached to a player. With the salary cap and competitive edge, players are not loyal to teams anymore. Players are loyal to stardom and money.

Tony Romo held a press conference yesterday. In his press conference, Romo has turned over the reigns as starting quarterback to the rookie Dak Prescott. After Prescott’s come from behind win, Romo was seen saying on the sideline “It’s his team now”.

Romo has always been a class act. He has never thrown his team or his coaches under the bus. If the Dallas Cowboys was terrible or had a loss, it was always “I”. I have to improve.

The press conference was no different. As difficult as it is to stand there and say, I am making this decision because it’s the right thing to do for my team. It takes a big person in today’s NFL to put your personal aspirations on hold for the better of the team.

That’s just what Tony did. Now, if only Dallas fans could feel the same way as Tony.

Dallas fans are the most fickle fan base. If you are a social media follower, it’s possible that you have seen the status messages, the comments under video threads, and the posts in groups. As one Eagle fan said: “Dallas fans are acting like Romo died”.

Now, the fan base is basically split into two halves. You have those who are sentimental to all the years, effort, time and commitment Romo gave to the Cowboys. On the other side, you have those fans who know how the NFL as a business works. If you can’t stay healthy, someone will take your job. It’s much like the real world.

Let’s look at a little comparison here between Tony’s best year and Dak’s rookie year. Romo’s best year was 2014. That is what all the experts and fans alike say.

Through 10 weeks in 2014, which was an MVP caliber season for Romo, he had 185 completions in 269 attempts for 2,244 yards. He was 69% with a 98.7 passer rating. He had 18 touchdowns and two interceptions, averaged 8.5 yards per passing attempt and the Cowboys had a 7-2 record.

Through 10 weeks this season, Dak has completed 187 passes out of 280 for 2,339 yards. He is 67% with 18 touchdowns and two interceptions. He has a 106.2 passer rating and he is averaging 8.4 yards per attempt… The team is 8-1.

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They both have the same receiving corps and Dak was without Dez Bryant for three games. They both had the same offensive line but Dak was without Tyrone Smith for two games. Both quarterbacks are benefiting from having a league-leading running back which led to a dominate run game. They have the same coaches and the same system.

The reason for all the feelings when it comes to Romo is interesting. There are some of the same fans that crucified him for all his gun-slinging moments, now want to cry because he lost his starting job. Yes, Romo has taken the team on his back, time and time again but when you can’t stay healthy, you are bound to lose your job to someone who might just be as good, if not better than you.

Dallas fans should be thankful that their beloved Romo was a standup guy who put his team and their success ahead of his own. From a Dallas fans perspective, it’s okay to be bittersweet because Romo did do a lot for this team, but it’s pretty obvious winning is more important than his personal feelings when it comes to the Cowboys.

Tony made the ultimate sacrifice for his coaches, his team and himself yesterday by taking the distraction away from the media. Kudos to Romo for continually being a classy, standup guy. He knows that winning is the ultimate goal.

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